How to Keep Your Sex Life Going as Long as Possible

It’s a real fear—but often an unnecessary one.

Men are worried about aging, and yet it’s almost a taboo topic to talk about. Worse, sexual dysfunction as men age is often treated as a joke.

It doesn’t have to be that way. There are many ways for men to keep their sex life going for as long as they want.

Keep your sex life going by continually improving your relationships.

Relationships are crucial to our health and happiness. They can affect our overall health, happiness and energy. Here are three quick tips for continually improving your relationships.

  1. Live a fully authentic life. Self-awareness is one of the sexiest traits a man can have. This means you can “be yourself” at the same time you change and grow. Stay true to your values—but at the same time, continue to learn. Don’t think you know it all.
  2. Love deeply and well. You’re never too old to learn to love yourself and others more fully.
  3. Make a positive difference in the world. Engage your unique calling throughout your life. Help others. Be someone others can trust to make the world a better place.

Too many older men grew up with attitudes and beliefs that tell us: Men need to be strong and independent. We need to solve our own problems and not complain, show our vulnerability, or ask for help. These attitudes are part of what we call “the Man Box” because they keep us cut off from others.

Keep finding ways to truly connect with others, and true intimacy and sex can continue to be a part of your life.

Keep your sex life going by paying attention to your body, not fearing it.

Many men suffer from performance anxiety. This can be a vicious cycle—physical problems lead to fear of more problems. Anxiety begets anxiety. This is compounded by societal and cultural pressures that men should be able to fix things by themselves. Sexual dysfunction is not a joke—but you wouldn’t know it by the way most media talks about it.

The thing is—-men are less alone than they think. More than half of men of men over the age of 40 experience erectile dysfunction. But it needn’t be something you fear. It can be solved; it just can’t be fixed alone. Try a customized approach, with medical professionals who specialize in the problem. For example, Universal Men’s Clinics combine personalized care with modern medicine to treat erectile dysfunction safely and effectively. Or, you might find that the problem is Low Testosterone or premature ejaculation. Whatever the problem, ignoring it won’t help. Addressing it will.

Keep your sex life going by focusing on your partner. (Believe it or not, it’s not all about you!)

Once you feel healthy and confident and good about your relationships with yourself and others—guess what. You can turn your attention to your partner.

Don’t worry about technique as much as understanding your partner. Seek to connect, not to impress. Be actively curious about what turns your partner on. You just might find that’s a great aphrodisiac for you, too.

And when your partner is feeling good, we can almost guarantee you will too.

Keep your sex life going…and going.

There’s no reason to fear the end of sex and intimacy as we age. Sure, it might change in some ways. Maybe things slow down a little. Maybe they are less intense in ways they were in our youth—but more intense in other ways.

Humans have an incredible superpower. They can adapt, and change, and learn and grow. And that is incredibly sexy to most people. It’s what will keep your sex life going as long as you want it to.

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