How to Choose the Right Wedding Dress

The cut or style is essential when choosing the right wedding dress. Identify your silhouette and you will know which one is best for you.

The list of preparations for a wedding is essential for the celebration to come out perfect, but what do brides care most about? The answer is in most cases the same: the wedding dress. And it is that your correct choice depends not only on the physical aspect of the lucky one, but on the environment you want to achieve in the celebration. The dress will reflect your personality, highlight areas of your body that you want to show and will have to hide those with which you do not feel so satisfied.

Therefore, it is important to abandon the idea of ​​buying a trend dress or a model that we have seen in the shop window and that seems ideal. It may be the case on the dummy, but we must weigh if it fits well with our own hanger.

What kinds of dresses exist?

In general, there are five types of dresses. The dresses of Court or Line A are tight from the bust to the waist and from the hip the skirt has an increasingly wide fall. They fit the triangle and rectangle silhouettes. The Mermaid Cut dresses are very elegant and are fitted to the knee where the flight of the skirt begins. Highlight wasp waist, flat stomach, and an attractive bust. They are suitable for thin women, but with good proportions, hourglass type and inverted triangle. They accentuate the curvilinear figure and it is advisable not to be used by short women because they shorten the appearance. Empire dresses follow which is characterized by a short waistline, which ends just below the bust, to give place to the fall of the skirt (similar to a Greek goddess). The thin brides with little chest are the ones that best adapt to this model and the flight of the skirt will depend on the taste of each one. They can be straight, flared or type skirts. Princess Gown or Ball Gown dresses are perfect for those who want a fairytale costume at their wedding. The upper part is fitted to the waist and with a V-shaped cut at the waist, where there is a skirt with a lot of volume that covers all those imperfections that we do not want to show. It hides very wide hips and is perfect for women in the form of an hourglass or triangle. Finally, the fitted dresses or tube-type are perfect to favor women with well-formed curves, those who are tall and want to highlight their stylized figure and all those who want to achieve the effect of a few inches of height. Of course, you have to be able to breathe with it on.

What figure does my body have?

We can differentiate five types of silhouettes depending on the bust, hip and balance between the top and bottom. The first drawing is that of the pear-shaped triangle or body, in which the woman has a narrow bust but not too small, and her hips widen but form a beautiful balance. The second is the famous hourglass, with a lot of chest and hips, but a small waist that emphasizes the previous two. It is a difficult body to achieve but it has beautiful results in the fitted dresses with neckline. The third is round shape or apple body, in which both the chest and the hip are generous and the appearance is that of a woman with powerful curves. The fourth is the inverted triangle, in which the woman has very narrow hips, like the legs, but a generous bust. Finally, the straight body in the shape of a rectangle in which there are no curves and the woman is usually thin with little chest and long legs and without variations.

A-line dresses

There are many variations, it can be sleeveless, strapless or with tulle that covers the shoulders. The waist is normally fitted by a different fabric than the rest of the dress and the fall can be more or less wide. This is your perfect model if you have a triangle-shaped body.

Mermaid dresses

If your body is an hourglass this is your ideal dress. With an enhanced neckline and a flight below the knees that may or may not have frills, depending on your taste. This design combines perfectly with a collected so that your neck is visible.

Apple cut dresses

If you are a woman with curves, it is hard for you to hide those extra kilos or you simply do not want to show your body lines, this is a model with which you will shine and you will feel beautiful. Belted to below the chest, with more or less cleavage according to your morphology. The skirt is wide, it does not mark your body and you can look like a real princess.

Princess dress

For women who have the body in the shape of an inverted triangle, so that your bust is not decompensated with the narrowness of the hips. But it is also ideal for those tall women, who have powerful legs and want to hide them. Ultimately perfect for any woman with curves.

Fitted dress

For the most daring and those with a rectangle-shaped body, without curves and with narrow chest and hips.

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