How to Be Nice When You Are Angry

Anger can lead you to lash out at others even when they’re not the reason for your anger.

Being kind to others is not possible all the times, especially when you’re feeling angry or tired.

Anger can lead you to lash out at others even when they’re not the reason for your anger.

Here are some wonderful ways to stay calm and nice even if you feel angry.

Don’t Respond

You should avoid responding to people when you’re angry.

And if someone tries to call, all you need to do is switch off the mobile phone. If you speak to someone or discuss something, the chance is that you’ll not get the desired response and this may make you feel restless for a lot more hours. There’s no need to use harsh words; instead, you can simply say:

Excuse me, I am busy. Please don’t disturb me for a few hours.

What would you feel if someone shouts at you or tries to give you tough times? You’ll certainly feel bad, so you need to understand the feelings of other people too and avoid being rude to anyone.

Consider How Your Feelings, Actions, and Thoughts Interrelate

In most situations, it’ll not be possible for you to separate your thoughts, actions, and feelings. However, it is integral to consider all of these things in order to learn to be calm, polite and relaxed.

Your thoughts always affect your feelings; in turn, your feelings can affect your actions.

Thus, there is a strong relationship between these things. You should start by changing your ideas or thoughts, which will eventually change your feelings and actions.

Go Outside

It would be great to go outside and take a break.

You can simply sit on a bench or take a nature walk to calm down. Finding a change of scenery from what has made you angry and enjoying the beauty of nature can help you get out of this uncertain situation. If possible, you should take a brisk way every day because exercise helps soothe the nerves and improves the mood.

Learn From Your Anger

You need to learn from past experiences as well as your anger.

This situation of hopelessness will not last for long. Maybe, it has come to test your stamina and patience and to check how you value people around you.

How do you communicate to others when you’re angry?

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