How to Be More Mindful at Work

Discover how to work more effectively and be mindful at your work. An experienced marketing expert shares her ideas.

Sometimes, when we come across the term “mindfulness,” we imagine an enlightened monk sitting in a Tibetan monastery. What will be your astonishment if we tell you that you can be mindful right now when you are sitting in the office? Being originated from Buddhism, today, mindfulness became a popular practice for reducing stress, increasing productivity, and bringing back control of your emotions and thoughts. Continue reading, and you will discover effective ways we can practice mindfulness during our working day.

Take Your Time And Meditate

When you parked your car near the office, turn off your engine and sit in silence for three minutes. If sitting face-to-face with your thoughts is out of your comfort zone, discover some things to concentrate on:

  • Scan every part of your body;
  • Pay attention to your breathing;
  • Take care of your feelings;
  • Think about the sounds, light, and energy around you.

Do not forget that the goal of this exercise is not to shy away from your thoughts, but to notice and appreciate your feelings.

Calm Down Before Firing Up

On your way from your car into the office, you’ve checked your smartphone at least once or fallen in with a colleague with a stress-provoking question. Take your time and challenge yourself to relax for one minute before switching on your computer. You can always take breaks during your working day. One of the best ways to relax is to play real-money pokies at Casino Land.

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Don’t Be Mobile-Addicted

The ordinary mobile phone users check up their device 100 times daily. Moreover, 12% of people are considered to be mobile-addicted. According to the results of investigations, office employees are 26% more effective when they are not distracted by their smartphones. If you wish to be on the productive side of this statistic, discover some tips on how to avoid the smartphone addiction:

  • Put your phone aside during your meeting. In this case, you will avoid distractions from incoming e-mails, or Facebook notifications. And this will show that you are interested in this meeting and it is important for you.
  • Wait 24 hours for responding to emails. In our culture, unfortunately, time is money. But if you can afford to set this response rate precedent, your e-mail has less control over you.
  • Control your phone use. Try downloading a particular application (e.g., BreakFree) which will remind you every 10 minutes of your phone use.

Make Away With Your Chair

One of the ways to incite your body and mind to keep your eyes open is to use an exercise ball instead of your swivel chair. Sitting on a bouncy ball will increase your attention and productivity as well as stimulate working out your abs and posture.

Avail of This Trick

If you google “rubber band for mindfulness,” you will find out that it really works. The results of the recent investigation show that wearing a rubber band on your wrist and squeezing it when you are overstrung is an effective method to interrupt these thought patterns. So, use a rubber band and free yourself of an anxious mood.

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