How Gratitude and the Hawaiian System of Ho’oponopono Changed My Life

Gratitude is something I learned as a child. My parents were always big on reinforcing please and thank you, I always had to ask if I wanted something, and I always had to say thank you. Though that was very procedural. There was little really deep gratitude for things, except at times when I really wanted something, or something exceptionally kind was done for me.

It was only later when I began delving into personal development, for which NLP drew me in initially, that I was introduced to ho’oponopono, and the Hawaiian art of forgiveness. Granted we are talking about gratitude, and it’s influence on life. Forgiveness was closely tied to that step change though. We can all be thankful for the things that we wish for in life. Being thankful for the challenges, and the less pleasant things, at times traumatic things, well that’s something else really.

Changing My Perception So I Could Feel Gratitude For What I Learned From Loss

Losing things, people, love, is something that people rarely find value in. For most, it brings pain and suffering. Sometimes just in the short-term, for many that can spread out into the long-term though. Tainting life and causing deep problems that require coaching, therapy or other psychological help to overcome. I was in just that type of situation when I was getting into personal development, my life was somewhat of a wreck around me, and I was desperately unhappy.

My focus on loss was preventing me from moving forward. I was so wrapped up in it that I failed to have gratitude for what I did have, which on reflection was pretty good. At that time, I was completely unable to see it though. All I sensed was what had been, and what continually seemed to be getting taken from me. I had failed to see prior to that point, the incredible gifts I had been given, and my lack of gratitude was driving that sense of loss deeper.

It was only through someone teaching me a different way. Showing me how to shift my perception, releasing that sense of loss, through finding good within each thing, finding gratitude for things. That I was able to move forward.

Ho’oponopono Letting Go And Expressing Gratitude Brought Incredible Empowerment

As I began incorporating ho’oponopono within my life more and more, I noticed that my life was changing in an incredibly positive way. I found that in changing my perspective, rather than being angry for something that had “happened to me”, I came to have gratitude for fresh learning which came from “an experience” that took me to a more empowered place.

I came to look at old relationships, a traumatic traffic accident I had, and so much more, in positive ways. I let go of the old feelings of loss, replacing them with feelings of gratitude. The more I did this, the more I found I had to be grateful for in my life. Rather than spiraling down into greater negativity as I had before starting with personal development. I was spiraling up, feeling greater gratitude for my life, and more positivity, each and every day.

It spread further through into even the simper things. For a long time I had held issue with certain large corporations, Starbucks being one. The realization came to me about how unfair I was being, especially having never even set foot in a Starbucks. So I went and ordered a cappuccino. As I sat there in 2005 and sipped from my drink, I had a beautiful experience. The coffee did taste good, it was more than that though.

As I drank, with the simple ho’oponopono words flowing through my mind, I’m sorry, I love you, please forgive me, thank you. My mind flowed through with everything that had been needed in order to bring that coffee into my hand, and to my lips. I was filled with gratitude in an incredible way. Gratitude for all the people that had worked in growing the coffee plants. Gratitude for those who picked the beans. Gratitude for the people who processed the beans into roasted coffee beans. Gratitude for the supply chain which had transported those beans around the world, into the cafe where I sat. Gratitude for the staff who had trained and learned skills so they could pour me a cappuccino that I would enjoy drinking.

And from all this, gratitude for the vision and work of the original founders and Howard Schultz who had had the vision and commitment to take Starbucks worldwide so that I, and many others, could enjoy coffee in the way we do. My mind flooded with everything that was involved. Branches upon branches spreading out. All of which just had me feeling even more gratitude for how everyone had worked together. Plus of course, gratitude for Starbucks who were providing work for so many people.

Gratitude Spirals Bringing So Much More Goodness Into Life

This was just the first of many such incredible moments. Practicing ho’oponopono always has me re-centering on what is good in life. It brings gratitude back into my heart and mind. Even in the really tough and challenging times, I find there is good in all things. I have gratitude for all that. From having gratitude in this way I have noticed serious patterns. Those times I have less gratitude, things are harder and less pleasant in life.

When I feel gratitude, sure I may still have challenges, though there are far more positive things that flow within my life as a result. Work becomes easier, more people wish to work with me. Plus, very importantly, in having gratitude for everything in my life, I feel greater fulfillment in life.

Whatever is happening in your life, whatever challenges you face. Taking time for gratitude is something that can change your life experience. Transforming things in a way that brings you positivity and happiness. Using ho’oponopono can help you initiate a step change from being down, to rising up and feeling good about yourself, and your world, whatever is going on. While gratitude may seem hard, by focusing on small things first, and taking different perspectives on larger things, you can change your life in a beautiful way. So make gratitude by your daily life, and enjoy what happens.

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