How Do You Know You’re Dating a Toxic Person

No relationship is perfect. Whether you are in the business world or are living a marital life, you will have to face a lot of challenges. A good relationship is what makes us feel secure, respected, cared and happy. However, it is difficult to find the person who devotes himself or herself to our happiness.

A toxic relationship is where you feel depleted, drained and sometimes distraught. It is important to have self-respect and leave the person who is not even ready to know your worth. For anybody who is facing problems in a relationship, it can be hard to take a step back. However, it is necessary for your mental health. The chance is that your partner will abuse you, harm you or torture you. So, there is no reason to remain in such relationships.

If your partner does any of these things, he or she is not worth your love and time.

Insists On Doing Everything Together

We all have our private lives, and it is not always possible to do things with somebody. It is common for new couples to want to spend most of their time together. However, if one of them expects to drop everything and be by their side round the clock, this will turn toxic.

Maybe, your partner believes that they are showing their commitment by wanting to spend the entire time together, but in the long run, it is going to stifle you. What matters the most is spending quality time together even when there are a few moments or a couple of hours.

Lets Jealousy Get In The Way

Jealousy can ruin a relationship within seconds or minutes. If your partner lets jealousy in, he or she is not made for you.

Being in a relationship means you deserve to be valued, and if someone accuses you or tries to make your life miserable because they are jealous, you are better to move on silently. There is no need to give any explanation for such a toxic person.

Repeats The Same Hurtful Mistakes

It is okay to make a mistake, but it is not okay if your partner keeps on repeating the same hurtful mistakes. You should not be with someone who doesn’t make any effort to keep you happy.

You can speak to them once or twice and make things clear, and if they still refuse to understand you, it is better to quit. We all have a limit to tolerating negative behaviors. When the limit is crossed, there is nothing that can save our relationship.

Dates Too Soon After A Breakup

Ask your partner if he or she has dated someone else. If yes, then ask again when did they leave the other person. If they say that they left their previous boyfriend or girlfriend a few days ago, this is a sign that the person you are with is not good for you.

Maybe, they are toxic enough to stay with. Maybe, their ex left them because of their abrupt behavior. We suggest you do some homework to make sure you are with the right person.

If you spend more and more time with a toxic person, you will get physically, emotionally and mentally attached to them and it may become impossible for you to call it to quit. So, take a wise decision as soon as possible.

Have you ever been in a relationship with a toxic person?

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