How Anxiety Impacts Men Versus Women

Anxiety is something that’s commonly associated with women. Plenty of women are open about their anxiety, and indeed, they are twice as likely as men to get it. Men with anxiety tend to exhibit symptoms a bit differently than women. Here are a few ways that a man may handle anxiety or show some signs.

Drugs and Alcohol are on the Menu

A man is more likely to drink or take non-prescription drugs to relieve anxiety. Some men may have a beer to unwind and to have a good time, but there are some who drink to relieve anxiety. While society seems to discourage taking medication for anxiety, it does seem to encourage drinking it away, which is why drinking helps.

Drinking also helps with social anxiety. Many men need a drink or two before they can loosen up and talk to new people. Some may turn to more illicit drugs as well to help with their anxiety, but that’s something you should never use as a crutch.

They’re Angrier More

Women may cry more when they are dealing with anxiety or express their emotions. They may go to therapy or counseling to help with their anxiety. However, men tend to get angry to let out their anxiety. Men tend to let it bottle itself up instead of speaking about it. Their anxiety can build up, especially if a man doesn’t express emotions, and it can lead to explosive anger. This can ruin relationships or get them in trouble with their job or with the law. This can lead to many problems down the road. Learning more about their emotions can certainly help men.

They May Pump Iron More

Working out is a great way to relieve anxiety. It makes you feel good and releases your energy. Men are more likely to lift weights if they are feeling anxious. Not only does this help with anxiety, but also it can help with your more negative emotions, too.

While lifting weights is good for you, there such a thing as too much. If you’re spending all day at the gym to relieve a problem, you may want to look into other ways to help with your anxiety.

They’re Anxious Over What They Haven’t Accomplished

An ambitious man may be filled with anxiety over the things they’ve yet to accomplish. Even if they are what people would deem as successful, a man may still deal with stress and anxiety over what is yet to be done, in their minds.

The idea to succeed and provide is still rooted deep in many men, who may worry about the future and leaving this life without accomplishing everything they’ve set to do.

While having ambitions and always reaching for higher goals is a good trait, anxiety over what can’t be accomplished is something some men need to work on if they want to feel less anxious.

They Remain Single

A man who has always been single may have intense anxiety. While these men may be good relationship material, they find it hard to find love. Why is that?

Well, the reason is that the burden of sending the first message or setting up the first date is usually on the man. A man is expected to be the one to contact the woman first. This was especially hard before the Internet, where a man may have had to initiate an interaction with someone of interest.

The Internet hasn’t made it much easier. Most online dating sites expect men to contact women first. As a man in the online dating world, not only do you have to make the first move, but you are competing with plenty of other men (and their profiles) in an attempt to stand out. If you’re a man with anxiety, this is a lot to process.

They May Adversely Affect Their Relationships

For men with anxiety in relationships, their anxiety can contribute to instability in the relationship.

Women tend to have a large social circle that allows them to express their emotions outside of their significant other, but a man may only open up to their partner due to societal norms. His partner may get tired of feeling like they have to be their therapist, and this could end up damaging the relationship.

The truth is that men can get angrier as anxiety mounts. This can lead to them yelling at their partner, and this anger could ruin the relationship.

While men also may have social circles and friendships, many of them may not be open to expressing emotions with these connections, and feel like they may be looked down upon for having emotions. This can cause lots of problems, and a man may not know the best way to manage their anxiety.

What Can a Man Do?

If you’re a man who is anxious, it’s important that you acknowledge it. Many men do not acknowledge their anxiety, and as a result, they may suffer. Accept that you have anxiety, and know there is no shame in having it.

Being open about your anxiety to others is a good idea. Normalizing the idea of men discussing their mental illnesses and emotions can lead to men expressing themselves in healthier ways.

Also, seeking the help of a counselor or a therapist is always important. If your anxiety is severe, a therapist can teach you some personalized techniques to make managing your anxiety a lot better.

Another good way to manage anxiety is to have a trusted group of understanding friends. This doesn’t mean that you should abandon your current friend circle, but find people that would be willing to listen to your problems that you could befriend as well. If you can’t find people in your area, trying to look for friends online may be a solution. Visit some forums and see who you can find.
Taking medication for anxiety isn’t bad, either, especially if you’re using them to help yourself while you treat the root cause.

While these won’t free yourself from anxiety, they can help make managing your anxiety easier.

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