Honoring Moms on the Frontline

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Californians have been under a stay-home order since March 19.

Many of us have been spending a lot of time at home — working remotely, participating in distance learning with our kids and spending more time with our families in general. Maybe we’ve completed that home project that’s been put on the back burner for months or even years. We’re keeping busy, staying safe and trying to stay positive.

But there’s another subset of our community who doesn’t have this luxury. They are the other workers who fall under the essential category of people who must go out to work because they are providing critical infrastructure for the state — those include workers in health care, public safety and food. For May, we honor some of these important members of our community, specifically the moms, in our “Moms on the Frontline” feature. We had the opportunity to interview five Orange County moms who are working on the frontline of COVID-19, including a firefighter/paramedic, a doctor and nurse, a sheriff’s deputy and a grocery store worker. They are an inspirational group of moms any day of the year, but in the current environment, they’re nothing short of heroic.

Along the heroic lines, Local Hero highlights a Capistrano Unified School District high school student who was upset when he learned there are health care workers without the personal protective equipment (PPE) they need to perform their important duties. So he arranged a way to start making 3D protective masks in order to provide them to health care workers.

As we continue staying home and staying safe, restaurants in our community are getting creative. Foodie Jr. this month rounds up some local restaurants offering family meals and dinner kits for us and our families.

Local restaurants aren’t the only ones getting creative during this time. In fact, there are so many local groups providing virtual activities that families can be part of from the safety of their homes, that we created a calendar of virtual events going on in May.

Speaking of fun activities, Pets in the Family is all about ways to spend quality time with your pets while keeping them active and mentally engaged. You won’t want to miss these fun tips.

Family Wellness covers another topic that’s undoubtedly been coming up in homes across the nation: our hair. It might seem like a small thing, but a haircut and hair upkeep is part of our “normal” lives that can’t happen in a salon setting for the foreseeable future due to staying-home orders. Such an activity can help give us a sense of normalcy. To help us all out, we got some advice from a local hair stylist on how to be your own stylist at home in a pinch.

It’s a new world, but it’s also a time of great courage and creativity. Let’s stay together while keeping apart to honor all those in our community working hard to make our lives better and safer.

— Jessica Peralta, Editor

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