Hilarious Twitter Thread of School Pictures Gone Wrong Is Comedy Gold

Similarly to any other big school event where kids must look decent, most working parents dread school picture day. Not only does it add stress to an already hectic morning, but who ever remembers it’s school picture day until the last minute anyway? On top of that, those overpriced pictures never turn out how you want them to.

One mom, however, thought ahead and practiced smiles with her Pre-K son to alleviate some of picture day stress, but—alas, the results were not exactly as expected. Her sister posted the before-and-after photos of her son which prompted the best thread on Twitter right now. We call it School Pictures Gone Hilariously Wrong. The responses prove that regardless, school pictures make for memorable keepsakes.

He looks as surprised as his parents must have been.

They had one job.

At least he looks spiffy.

He was just happy to be there.

He looks pretty done with the photographer.

LOL, they aren’t cheap.

It just wasn’t his day.

Beyond cute.

His smile is on point.

Total mood.

It’s always harder without mom there.


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