Healthy, Wealthy and Wise With Scotty Schindler

When it comes to entrepreneurship and working with startups, there are many decisions and opportunities that present themselves—which makes choosing the right ones to tackle a hard task. Scotty Schindler is a world class surfer and an expert in successful startups and business growth. He joins the show today to share how to make sure you’re not being pulled in too many directions and stay focused on one thing without missing out on different opportunities.

Listen in to hear Scotty share the importance of having a long-term goal and growth strategy, as well as his personal experience in growing businesses, including the successes and the failures. He gives us an insider’s advice on what works and what doesn’t work for laying a solid foundation and driving a successful business. You’ll also get some great insight and inspiration on how to balance life and business, grow a strong team and be an empowering leader.



  • The benefits of competition.
  • Scotty’s story of becoming an entrepreneur.
  • The benefits and drawbacks to diversifying.
  • His best advice for startups.
  • Why long-term vision is so crucial.
  • What it looks like to lay a solid business foundation.
  • Three things you need for a really good startup.
  • How to build a structure that works with or without you.
  • Why Scotty has a ‘no fire’ policy and how it works.
  • The different steps he took to ‘invest’ and create wealth.
  • What kept him working hard and investing a lot.
  • What erosion is and why you need to be wary of it.
  • How to best start investing.
  • The problem with too much knowledge.
  • How to get the most out of books, conferences and classes.

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