Haunted House Craft Pastel & Paper

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Are you looking for a fun Halloween craft for kids? This haunted house uses oil pastels and paper to create a creepy and cute effect. It is a fun and easy art project for anyone who loves Halloween!

Haunted House Craft

I’ve never been the mom that is afraid of making messes! We love making slime, messy art projects, fun kids crafts, whatever the spirit moves us to do!

I find in the fall we do even more, as the colder weather makes us spend more time indoors we break out the crafty stuff and get busy making fun projects.

Since Halloween is right around the corner of course our latest projects are nice and spooky, like this haunted house craft! This fun art project is really fun and great for kids or adults.

Don’t worry, if you don’t have a lot of artistic ability if you can color, cut and paste you can create one of these haunted houses. I’ve made it easy with a printable haunted house, ghosts, bats, and details. All you have to do is follow the printing directions, use some oil pastels to create a background and then do some simple cutting and gluing, its super easy!

Here’s What You’ll Need for this Haunted House-

Construction Paper, colored paper, or cardstock
Oil Pastels

The first thing you’ll want to do is download and print the haunted house, carefully following what color to print each part on.

When you have everything printed out you can carefully cut out your pieces so that they are ready to go after you finish the background.

Before you get started with the background it’s a good idea to cover your workspace with paper, paper towels, or any other disposable covering, oil pastels can be a little messy.

You can create the background to look any way you’d like, but if you want it to look like mine you’ll want to start with a big yellow circle in the upper left of your paper.

Then use an orange oil pastel and color around the outside edge of the yellow circle.

Use your fingers to smudge and blend the colors together to give it a nice spooky glowing look!

Continue coloring around your moon to the edges of the paper with lighter and then darker shades of orange then red. Keep blending them together with your fingers til you have the whole page covered and it is a nice blended smooth finish.

Once you’re finished with the reds and oranges you can draw black around the edges to give it a finished look.

Now glue the fence toward the bottom of the paper.

Now glue the house in place and add your details. You can position the windows, bats, and ghosts any way you’d like.

You can make different variations of this any way you’d like. You can use different colors, sprinkle on some glitter, use different colors of paper… there are a ton of possibilities to make it yours!

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