Girl Tweeting About Years-Old Cheez-It on Wall Her Dad Has Never Noticed Has Us Cracking Up

Sunday marked the end of an era for a section of the Twitterverse—a young woman’s hilarious ongoing joke on her not-so-observant dad, BuzzFeed reports.

It all started on November 26, 2015 when San Antonio resident Sara Smith, who was living with her family in Bristol, VT, at the time, decided to stick a Cheez-It on the wall of her dining room to see how long it would take for her father to notice. On Twitter, she mentioned she was inspired by a fellow user who carried out the same trick, and whose dad didn’t notice for weeks.

Little did Sara know her version of the joke would take much, much longer. About FOUR YEARS.

Initially, she provided frequent updates about her dad not noticing the cracker.

By Day 10, she was still eager to find out how it would end.

By Day 55, still, not much had changed in the find-the-cracker situation.

But eventually, it got harder to keep track of how long it had been since she stuck the cracker to the wall.

There was a close call on Day 122, when her dad rearranged furniture in front of the cracker. Miraculously, he STILL didn’t notice it. Totally committed to the prank, Sara moved the Cheez-It a few feet away on the same wall.

By day 603, the snack was still alive and well!

For Christmas 2017, she even gifted him a box of Cheez-Its! Lololol

Even her family was in on it, and continued to give her info on the status of the cracker when she wasn’t home.

For years, she kept people updated on what happened with the Cheez-It by mentioning that it was “still there” on her bio. But as she announced on October 6, the prank was finally over.

As it was explained in a tweeted text message screenshot to Sara, one day the cracker went missing from the wall. Her brother-in-law, assuming the dad had learned about the joke, told him, “Oh, you found it!” The dad had no idea what the brother-in-law was talking about.

Sara told BuzzFeed her dad responded, “What?” And realizing there was an ongoing joke about him on the internet, he said, “Really?”

According to the screenshot of a text exchange that Sara tweeted, the cracker eventually got stale, rotted and fell off the wall.

Reflecting on the long ride it’s been, Sara shared some kind words for her Twitter followers who loved her Cheez-It updates.

“Thank you to everyone who’s supported the Cheez-It and I through the years. I’m sorry my naive family didn’t understand that when it rots you simply replace it. I’m just disappointed as you all are. 😔,” she wrote.

Speaking with BuzzFeed, Sara explained it took a lot of effort for her and the people in her life to keep the joke alive. “Everyone we know—all of our relatives and coworkers—knew about this. And it was a big thing to keep it under wraps the whole time,” she said.

She also expressed her disappointment, tweeting, “I’m SO mad that we will never know just how unobservant my dad is.”

The replies were a mix of people saying they were sad the prank was over, and people who just couldn’t understand the brother-in-law’s betrayal.

Commented one user:

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