Girl Fills Lip Balm Container with Cheese So She Can Eat in Class, Is an Entrepreneur in the Making

A 9-year-old Missouri girl’s hilariously clever hack for sneaking bites of her favorite snack into school is going viral.

As her mother, St. Louis Post-Dispatch features reporter Valerie Schremp Hahn found out and revealed on Twitter earlier in September, her daughter has been filling old lip balm containers with cheese.

That. Is. Amazing.

In just a few days, the tweet has gotten over 68,000 likes, with many praising the enterprising girl and calling her a genius.

“Further confirmation that the future is female,” wrote one user.

“If producing someone with this level of ingenuity doesn’t win you Mom of the Year, I don’t know what does,” commented another.

In a series of tweets, the girl’s mother shared even more detail about the hack, clarifying that bringing snacks to class is allowed, and explaining how she thinks her daughter got the idea for it from YouTube.

Valerie also said that she emailed her daughter’s teacher about it “to give her a good laugh,” and that the teacher had a sense of humor about the whole thing, but “did not detect the two (!) cheese tubes she snuck bites/licks of during standardized test breaks.” Still, the mom said she doesn’t know if she should discourage her daughter. It’s standardized testing week, which we all know can be stressful AF.

As it turns out, inventiveness runs in Valerie’s family. On September 18, she tweeted this:

“… Last night our 12-year-old made this, also from YouTube, with his dad. Sister was making cheese tubes and I was browsing my phone. 😂” she wrote.

Whatever she’s been doing, it’s clearly working, because she’s raising some awesomely innovative kids.

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