Gifts For Your Loved Ones In Isolation

Coronavirus lockdown is a tough time for everyone. No one thought they would spend so much of 2020 in isolation. While physical distancing is what is asked of us, we don’t have to distance ourselves socially from our friends and family.  We can certainly have our weekly virtual chats and calls. You can also give gifts to your friends and family to express your care…

We are missing out on Mother’s day celebrations, birthdays, and so much more. And even if there is no particular holiday or a special day to celebrate, a gift puts a smile on anyone feeling down.

You can’t go out to a shop to buy gifts during isolation. But you can certainly buy from online shops like Eternity Rose. So we have come up with a list of amazing gifts that your friends and family will love.


Everyone loves getting flowers – especially when they are feeling isolated and alone. So, if you want to make someone special feel cherished, flowers are the way to go.

When you are buying flowers online, you will have a wide array to pick from. This gives you the scope to mix and match and create a special bouquet.

A card complements the flowers that you are sending. The special person in your heart will surely appreciate this gesture of love you have for him or her.

Box of Chocolates

Chocolates are like magical treats that can instantly boost someone’s mood. So, a box of chocolates is the perfect gift for your lover.

Also, kids are suffering the most during the current isolation. They too will love this gift.

You will find different price tags for different boxes. Luckily, there are chocolates that everyone can afford.

Neck Massager

People now are working from home as a result of the lockdown measures. Office ergonomics is not something home offices can always accommodate.  So, if you know someone who has been burning the midnight oil working away from their homes, show a little love and care by sending something for their sore muscles.

Consider a neck massager for the remote workers in your life.  It is also a great gift to help relieve stress.  All the doom and gloom in the news can leave someone isolated from family and friends extra tense and stressed.

A neck massager is not very expensive and is available online to purchase. I am sure that your friend or family member will love it.

Hand Care Set

Hand hygiene has become an essential action in stopping the spread of the virus. Washing our hands and sanitizing them have left our hands feeling dry and a bit raw.

This is why hand care gift sets are an excellent timely gift for a loved one these days. These care kits come with special soaps, moisturizers, and hand care products.

You can give it to your mother or someone who does a lot of hands-on work or the frontline worker in your family.

This is a very helpful gift for them as they will need to wash hands even more often than others during this pandemic. Also, taking some time to care for your hands relaxes you when stress levels are skyrocketing.

A Good Bottle of Gin

Who says you cannot party in isolation! Get your loved ones a bottle of gin to loosen up. There are many flavors available online along with delivery options too. One good flavor is the lemon balm gin. It has a delightful taste that everyone will appreciate. Get yourself a bottle and your loved one, and host a virtual cocktail party to give the gift of your companionship along with a tasty treat to indulge in.


Paintings make excellent gifts for your loved ones. They create the illusion of depth or come right out of the canvas. In general, paintings are perfect for home decoration and reducing stress.

Now that we are all in lockdown, creativity is on the rise in every household. This is especially true for the global community of artists. You will find many local artists on social networks like Facebook and Instagram. They would love to sell paintings that you find tasteful. Send a piece of art that speaks to the hope for a better tomorrow to ease your loved one’s minds.

Another great idea is to give your loved ones a painting kit. This includes paint, brushes, and a canvas. It will give them something to do while in isolation.

Goosebumps Collection

This gift is for the kids exclusively. Goosebumps are scary stories for children by R. L Stine. He is brilliant in what he does and does so in simple words.

There are many Goosebumps books out there to pick from. So, pick the ones your nephew or niece will love and send them along for them to read along during some good bonding time with the family. It will enhance the child’s imagination and reading skills profoundly.

Goosebumps are addictive and almost makes the clock melt away like a Salvador Dali painting. It’s one way to make sure a child does not fester away in isolation and keeps up with their reading skills.


Perfumes are a traditional gift that just won’t go out of style. It’s a lovely gift on a birthday for someone you cherish.

You will be surprised by how many brands there are out there on the internet. It might be difficult to pick but there are ways to find the right one.

For instance, there are many perfumes that celebrities come up with. Ask your loved one if she likes a certain celebrity that you know has a perfume brand. If she does then you know just what to get her.

Disney+ Subscription

Kids and even grown-ups love Disney films. Disney has become a wonderful source of family-friendly fun.

A great gift idea in times of social distancing and physical isolation is a Disney+ subscription. No delivery is necessary for this gift.

Your loved ones will have hundreds of enchanted movies to see. It will increase family bonding and help in passing the time.

Novelty and Custom T-shirts

You can find tons of novelty t-shirts online. Clever designs are endless and there is something for everyone.

You must know what interests your loved ones. Try to get a novelty t-shirt that he or she will love to wear or hang on the wall. For example, the popular ‘FU COVID’ trend from a popular Canadian maker could be a perfect gift to commemorate the spirit of this lockdown

If you want to spend some time on the gift, this idea is for you! Design the t-shirt yourself with an arsenal of knowledge about your loved one. You can add personal messages or symbols that make the gift extra special.

Family Photo Book

For this gift, you first need an empty photo book. Online shops have an array to select from. Once you have your hands on it, secretly collect all precious family photos from your old albums or from your loved ones’ social media pages. Perhaps pick the ones where you were all gathered together sharing meals and celebrating events during the pre-COVID times.

Next, take your time to place precious photos in the empty photo book. Be creative while arranging it.

After arranging the photos, it’s time to give it to your family. They will love the effort that you have put into arranging the photos. You can personally deliver the photobook at their doorstep while being socially distant. They will love cherishing the memories of yesteryears.

Child’s First Phone

Is it too early to give a child a  smartphone? Kids are more responsible than you think. If he or she is already playing games and watching videos on your phone, it’s time to get them their own.

Get your child a cheap android phone that he or she can use. An android phone is a portal to unlimited learning and entertainment as well as a tool to stay connected.

As your child is still young, make sure that the android phone has a protective screen and cover on and has all the parental guards on purchasing and online protection. Just remember to take it away during bedtime. It should not hamper sleep.


Isolation is tough on your friends and family. However, gifts light up their lives and give them a reason to be happy during these dark times. Now is the best time to give gifts to your family and friends.

You cannot go outside but you can order online. There are a lot of things that you can consider giving your loved ones. Some include flowers, chocolates, books, paintings, perfumes, booze, t-shirts, photo books, and online subscriptions like Disney+.

Make your loved ones happy during this lockdown. They will cherish you for your generosity for years to come. Lots of luck with gift hunting.

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