Find Inner Peace with These 3 Tranquil Fountains

The simple sound of running water can be immediately calming and meditative, helping to grant peace and serenity in your office or home. These desktop fountains won’t break your bank or splash your furniture, but instead can provide a small dose of tranquility during a busy day. One note: almost all the fountain manufacturers recommend using distilled water in your fountain to prevent mineral buildup from disrupting the pump motor. Follow that advice and clean the unit regularly to keep your fountain streaming happily.

This Asian inspired, three-tiered waterfall includes natural stones and a large basin to collect the water. The leaf-like tiers separate the water to create several streams of sound, and you can move the river stones wherever you would like to further augment the sound. The lighting feature creates a soft glow that some reviewers recommend as a soothing nightlight. One real plus of this unit is that it includes an on/off switch on the cord – no climbing under your desk to unplug it. Some reviewers did mention difficulty with the noise level of the motor but were able to alleviate the problem by simply setting the fountain on a mousepad or small washcloth to absorb the vibrations. At 8” x 7” x 8” this compact fountain will fit nicely on your desk, and, while the basin and leaves are made of plastic, the fountain is a compelling option at an inexpensive price point.

Designed to look like a rock waterfall you might find at the end of a hike, this polyresin and fiberglass fountain is a little more expensive—but reviewers rave about its nearly silent motor and long-lasting LED lighting. At 14” high this is a slightly more substantial fountain, though it is still small enough to fit nicely on your desk or a corner shelf. Wherever the fountain finds its home, the included footpads will protect your surface. Conveniently, there is a camouflaged back door that provides access to the pump and light without disassembling the entire fountain. The manufacturer provides a one-year satisfaction guarantee, and occasionally cleaning the motor with a toothbrush to remove mineral deposits will keep your fountain running smoothly.

Made of lightweight fiberglass with an attractive faux stone finish, this fountain features a sitting Buddha figure in front of a wall of streaming water. The fountain is 11.5” high and includes an LED light at the top that shines a subtle glow down towards the Buddha. Several reviewers mention that, due to the design of the wall of water, the streaming water sound is not as significant as it can be with other fountains. The fountain comes with decorative stones, although many reviewers mention having to supplement with additional stones to achieve their desired look. The fountain plugs into the wall and comes with a six-foot cord.

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