February 2020 Tending List


I successfully accomplished all of my monthly tending list items!! YAY!! 

✔️Read “Rhythms of Renewal” by Rebekah Lyons
✔️Talked to my friend Susan about pet-sitting (decided it isn’t for me right now)
✔️Canceled YNAB
✔️Made (and went to) dentist appointment
✔️Went on more than one date night with Mark (YAY!)
✔️Hosted Sunday supper (actually went to a couple lunches and a couple dinners) with friends
✔️Planned and executed Women’s Night of Worship
✔️Sent my bestie Kim a birthday card

The dentist appointment, believe it or not, was the most difficult goal in January because I hate the dentist. But I found a new one and they were amazing! 


I give myself an A- for my weekly goals. 

✔️Practiced the Sabbath every single week!
👎Updated our budget weekly but didn’t follow it every week. We were over budget more than we were under budget. (sigh)
✔️For the most part, we planned and prepared healthy meals, with the exception of the final week. 
✔️Updated our church podcast every single week.
✔️Tithed full 10% every single week.

Overall, great progress. Gotta be more diligent about our budget, though. 


As a reminder, my “daily” tending list items are not necessarily things I want to do every single day, but more often than once a week. 

✔️Read the book of Matthew as part of my 2020 New Testament Reading Plan.
✔️Went to the gym or walked at least 3 times each week, with only one exception.

The gym thing is huge for me. I am not a fan of exercise, and the gym tends to be intimidating. But I went regularly and actually worked out hard each time. Super proud of that.

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