Family Goes Viral for Craigslist Ad Seeking Personal Paparazzi, ‘Mother’s Helper’

As working parents, it can be difficult to remember to snap a picture during every sweet moment. We can ask the daycare provider or the school teacher for help with that, but even then—they are a little too busy to capture everything on camera. But it seems that one New York City family might have this issue, erm, figured out.

A family from the Upper East Side posted an ad on Craigslist—of all places—for a “Social Media Photographer/Coordinator and Mother’s Helper” to assist the family either part-time or full-time. The hilariously bizarre ad is short but sweet, yet presents a pretty steep ask.

The position has pretty intricate requirements, such as experience in both Adobe programs Photoshop and Lightroom, experience working with and shooting young children and families, oh and experience in fashion photography with Instagram savvy. The position could either be paid hourly or daily. They requested that people who lack those requirements not apply. Read the full ad here.

What could this family possibly be up to?

The viral ad was posted in late October and has circled the rounds of social media since. We’d love to know how many responses this family got—and what the going rate could possibly be? Seeing as this is essentially three roles in one, it must pay pretty well—or so we hope!

While it smells like it’s right out of Real Housewives of New York, it’s ultimately pretty genius because really, who has time to curate their family’s social media brand and presence on top of everything else?

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