Exploring The Evolving Man [Podcast]

There are tremendous gifts and benefits when different generations of men work together.

Listen to Real Men Feel, #150, “Exploring The Evolving Man” here:

Relationship Architect/Coach, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and Workshop Leader, Geoff Laughton, joins us to discuss man’s search for meaning, purpose, and community.

If you didn’t get to express your emotions growing up, that doesn’t mean they’re not there.” ~ Geoff Laughton

Geoff has over twenty years of experience coaching men and being involved in men’s work. He shares tremendous insights around the stigma of men asking for help, the need for growth in all humans, core values, and the gifts each generation of men can offer each other.

Listen in to hear about the power for millennials in learning from elders, and the urgency millennials can bring to older men.

Topics and Questions Include:

  • (1:27) What is a relationship architect?
  • (3:35) Has the willingness of men to look at themselves changed over the last 20 years?
  • (5:30) How the rise of the #MeToo movement has younger men wanting to learn more about themselves.
  • (7:41) Is there an age that you know what the hell you are doing or is it realizing that you don’t know and it’s OK?
  • (9:35) Is the younger generation of men making it okay for older generations to ask more questions?
  • (13:16) How did #metoo serve as a catalyst for self-exploration by men?
  • (15:56) Older generations were taught rules of being a man and the younger generation isn’t sure of the rules but knows they don’t like the old ones.
  • (16:45) Geoff shares the story of the group exercise he’ll never forget.
  • (21:00) The need to express anger before help can be received.
  • (26:15) What makes men’s groups so beneficial?
  • (31:38) Being sensitive to being called sensitive.
  • (33:43 ) what makes a good man?
  • (37:46) kind vs weak – what is the difference?
  • (40:38) What is presence?
  • (44:05) How do you find your core values?
  • (50:07) What do you think men are evolving to?
  • (52:53) Tell me about The Evolving Man?


Watch Real Men Feel, #150, Exploring The Evolving Man, October 1, 2019

As long as I’m breathing there is still a healthy portion of, ‘I don’t know shit’.” ~ Geoff Laughton

Learn more about Geoff at TheEvolvingMan.com and YourRelationshipArchitect. Connect with Geoff on Facebook, Instagram, or send him an email – [email protected]

Check out Geoff’s most recent book, Building a Conflict-Proof Relationship and the book he recommended, No More Mr. Nice Guy.

Listen to Geoff’s earlier appearances on Real Men Feel – Busting Relationships Stereotypes and Questioning The Rules That Bind Up Our Relationships & Dull Our Sex Life

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