Everything That Can Be Made Can Be Made Better

Every man-made thing you use or see can be redesigned. Every design can be improved upon. The force and benefits of innovation can be applied to every thing, process, method or product that you can imagine.

Take the humble egg carton that we are all familiar with. It was designed 100 years ago by Joseph Coyle and it is such a good and practical design that we take it for granted. The BBC Futures section tells of a new design from Hungarian art student Eva Valicsek. She designed her egg box with an open top so that you can see the eggs. And her box comes as a flat pack for easier shipment.

That is not the only new thing made of cardboard. The BBC site also tells of a new crash helmet made of cardboard and modeled on the head of a woodpecker! The Kranium cardboard helmet is much better at absorbing impact than the more usual polystyrene-filled lids. Anirudha Surabhi’s design absorbs four times more impact energy that the polystyrene equivalent, and it survives longer.

This follows the story of the remarkable cardboard bicycle.

Since all of your products and services can be redesigned and improved which one do you want to start with? Maybe you cannot make your products out of cardboard but I can guarantee that you can make them better.

This post was previously published on www.destination-innovation.com and is republished here with permission from the author.

Photo credit: Istockphoto.com

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