Eva Longoria’s Thoughts on Having a Baby Later in Life Are So Damn Refreshing

Being a young mom might have benefits, but starting a family after 40 is shaping up to be a very positive experience for Eva Longoria. In a new interview, the mom, who welcomed her firstborn at age 43, sheds light on just how good having a baby later in life has been.

The multi-hyphenate—actress, producer, director, philanthropist and activist—is currently the cover star for Parents Latina. Inside, she shared her thoughts on what it was like becoming a mother at 43 to her now-1-year-old son, Santi, short for Santiago Enrique, who, she shares with husband Jose “Pepe” Bastón

According to Eva, the timing worked for several reasons. “Santi was meant to be with me at this stage in my life. I’m patient, I don’t work as much—even if it doesn’t seem that way! It’s the right time,” she said.

What’s more, based on the Parents Latina article, it seems having her son after she had already built her career has afforded her much more control and flexibility regarding work. For example, the article discusses how Eva is actually able to bring her son with her to her sets, including the set for the ABC television series Grand Hotel.

And it totally makes sense. When you’re an older working mom, you’ll likely be at a higher position in your career, with more power at work. Plus, with age comes more maturity, and part of that is learning patience (hopefully), which is very necessary when caring for children.

Eva also acknowledged some challenges she’s faced as a working mom, like going back to work after having a baby. In her case, she returned to directing six weeks after her son was born. She said it was difficult, as was breastfeeding while working, and keeping up with a pumping, feeding and sleeping schedule. “You just do it and get it done,” she said. And that includes having to make sacrifices in order to juggle both work and family. “I will pass on a project if I can’t give it my all. Now I have to be more in charge and more structured and on time,” she said.

Working moms everywhere are like: Same, Eva. Same.

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