Eliminating Anxiety [Podcast]

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Anxiety is greatly under reported for men.

Listen to Real Men Feel, #164, “Eliminating Anxiety” here:

Too many men with anxiety suffer in silence. There is no need to. Counselor, speaker, author, and neuro therapist, David Phelan, joins us to discuss mental and emotional wellness, the perils of anxiety, and how it can be resolved.

“Anxiety is a liar. It’s going to try to tell you things that are not true.” ~ David Phelan

David believes people don’t need to learn how to live with anxiety, but that they can truly eliminate it. His R,I.P. model of recovery, intervention and prevention strategies is doing just that for his clients. Anxiety is an emotional state and it works like any other emotional state. It is always about what is going with their thinking and what’s going on with their physiology

In this episode, we discuss anxiety, stress, depression, fear and much more. While concern can be beneficial and help us focus. Anxiety is concern about something that is either not real, not present, or both.

Topics and Questions Include:

  • (1:51) What is a neurotherapist?
  • (3:10) What first prompted you to want to help people?
  • (4:26) Did you find that it helped with autism?
  • (5:07) Has anxiety always been your focus?
  • (6:06) What is your R.I.P. Anxiety program?
  • (6:45) You keep saying eliminating anxiety, what do you mean by that?
  • (7:40) A client’s experience eliminating daily panic attacks.
  • (9:44) How would you describe anxious thoughts as opposed to full-blown anxiety?
  • (12:44) If someone is always anxious, do they think that’s just how life is for everyone?
  • (13:28) What are the signs someone is dealing with anxiety?
  • (15:38) Is one of the keys realizing that you can take control of what you are focusing on?
  • (17:59) Where do prescription drugs come in?
  • (19:17) Is there a level of anxiety that serves people?
  • (20:33) Fight or flight or freeze.
  • (22:46) Men certainly are not taught to run away when hitting stress.
  • (24:15) The 3 stages of the R.I.P. model.
  • (26:44) Tell me more about the difference between recovery and intervention?
  • (27:52) Is stress different from feeling anxious?
  • (30:04) Can positive stress trigger anxiety too?
  • (32:16) Statistics around men and anxiety.
  • (33:01) What can you do to help someone dealing with anxiety?
  • (35:46) The difference between excitement and fear.
  • (36:24) Do anxiety and depression go hand-in-hand?
  • (39:22) Are you seeing more anxiety in children?
  • (40:43) Anything about anxiety you wish more men realized?
  • (44:22) Can you share a couple of daily practices?
  • (48:40) Do anxious parents have anxious children?
  • (49:59) How does the R.I.P. Anxiety program work?


Watch Real Men Feel, #164, Eliminating Anxiety, January 7, 2020

“We don’t want to eliminate all stress because some stressors are good, we want to manage them in a way that lets us play the game for the long term.” ~ David Phelan

Learn more about RIP Anxiety at transcendpersonaldevelopment.com and use coupon code RMF100 at checkout for a discount.

Visit David’s site; www.davidphelan.net

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