Easy Menu Planning Using Pinterest

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Pinterest is a fantastic site to save all your favorite crafts, recipes, and decorating ideas! It is also a simple and quick way to plan your family’s menus! Here is my guide to easy menu planning using Pinterest!

Menu Planning using Pinterest

I love Pinterest.

From the time I discovered it years ago, to now, it is by far my favorite place to go and be inspired, find awesome recipes, and to curate ideas that I want to try.

One day I was making my grocery list and perusing Pinterest looking for recipe ideas and I had the idea to use Pinterest in a very practical way.

Menu planning.

You see I am a huge believer in menu planning. Nothing has been a bigger game changer in my mom life than knowing what is going on the dinner table every night. It helps me feel less stressed, and keep these boys of mine full!

Using Pinterest for menu planning is super simple, it is as easy as setting up a few boards, pinning some pins and you’re ready to go.

This is one of those ideas that when you hear it you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it before!

I’m going to guess if you’re reading this you already have a Pinterest account. If you don’t you’ll need to set one up before you can start menu planning with it!

Here’s how I use Pinterest for easy menu planning-

#1- Set Up Boards– I have a ton of boards that I use for pinning and blogging, I pin a ton! For this use I set up boards for tried and true recipes, favorites, and new things I want to try.

So I set up 5 boards, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks & Meal Planning. If you already have boards you want to use you can just set up one new one for your menu planning.

The “menu” board is one that you’ll be using differently than the others, I’ll explain in a minute.

#2- Add Your Favorite Recipes– Now you’ll want to add recipes to all the boards except the menu one. Add your favorite recipes that you cook regularly, add recipes that you have been wanting to try.

I pin a lot of things that are inspirational or for special occasions, this isn’t the place for those. You want your go-to recipes, things you know your family loves, or simple weeknight recipes that you want to try. This isn’t the place for fancy french cooking (unless that is how you always cook)

If you can’t find the recipes on Pinterest, go to the site and pin directly. That way you have all your recipes in one place.

#3- Plan Your Menu– Now here’s where your meal planning comes in. Each week when you plan your menu just hop on Pinterest. Head to your boards and pin what you’ll be cooking that week to your “menu” board.

So that board should only have about 7 dinner pins, a few breakfasts, snacks, and lunches. This is what you’re cooking this week only. Or if you menu plan bi-weekly or monthly the number of pins should reflect that.

#4- Write Out Your List– Now you can just click on each recipe as you write out your list (or use your favorite list app). It makes it so nice and quick to go from recipe to recipe and jot down what ingredients you’ll need.

#5- Find Your Recipes With Ease– Here’s the part I love the most. All the recipes I need for the week are in one place. So when it is time to cook dinner or whip up some muffins for breakfast, I can just reach for my phone and with a few clicks have the recipe up and ready to go!

#6- Get Ready for Next Week– Once the week is over and you’re ready to start again just go into your menu board and delete the pins that are currently there. Just click on the pin the click on the little pencil icon, and you will be given the option to delete in the lower-left corner.

Once you’ve cleaned your board out you’re ready to start again with a new week’s menu!

There you have it! The easiest approach to menu planning that I have found. Because you have your Pinterest with you everywhere you go you can get your menu planned while waiting at your child’s activities, while riding (not driving!) in the car, or blow drying your hair… wherever you have a minute to pin you have a minute to menu plan!

Hopefully, this is helpful to you and streamlines your planning and weeknight cooking!

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