Does Online Assignment Help Reduce the IQ of Students?

The primary objective of online assignment help websites is not to spoon-feed students.

How much homework is too much homework? No one can tell because different teachers have different teaching methods according to which they give homework to students. But what if students feel overburdened with so many assignments? On one hand, they need to finish the assignments within the deadline, and on the other hand, they need to understand everything they learn from school. This is often a challenge for many. That’s why online assignment helps sites offer to assist students with their homework. The question is, will this service affect the student’s IQ?

The objective of online assignment help

The primary objective of online assignment help websites is not to spoon-feed students. These sites have experienced teachers to explain different chapters and topics that students don’t understand. They don’t complete the homework on your behalf. For example, if you are facing issues while understanding trigonometry and there is a massive assignment pending. When you contact an online assignment help site, they will connect you to one of the mathematics experts who will teach trigonometry in a lucid way so that you understand the topic quickly.

When it comes to completing your homework, you need to do your own job. Of course, you can ask from the online teacher if you face any challenge while solving a sum, but that doesn’t mean the tutor will help in each and every problem. So, there is no way that online assignment help can reduce the IQ of students.

Since students are finally learning the chapter, they feel uncomfortable with, it eliminates the notion that the help will reduce their IQ. Those who have doubts can take an online intelligence test to check if their IQ is up to the mark. Worldwide IQ Test is one site that conducts a variety of intelligence tests and they also provide detailed results so that you can improve your weaker areas.

Education and academics are different entities

The IQ of a student is a combination of education and academics. One cannot survive without the other. Too much knowledge from books, but zero practical knowledge will lead a student nowhere. When you opt for online assignment help, you are actually honing your academic skills. Sometimes it is difficult to understand the concept of a topic only by reading from the book. You may memorize everything without understanding, but that won’t help you in the future.

Online assignment help bridges this gap between memorizing and understanding. The teachers will give you various real-life examples so that you can relate the topic with the respective application. You cannot purchase intelligence, but you can develop it by seeking help from experts. No one is born with a high IQ level. It takes years of hard work to acquire that.

Spending money on online assignment help doesn’t mean you are purchasing intelligence. Instead, you are merely taking an initiative to improve your IQ level. So, if someone tells you that experts are spoon-feeding you from the online homework help sites, challenge them to an IQ test and prove them wrong.

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