Do I Have an Insecure Attachment?

Insecure attachment – what is it?

There are many different kinds of attachments. Some people are securely attached in their relationships while others have an insecure attachment. It’s essential to investigate your attachment style and figure out what sort you have. That way you can have healthy relationships. Insecure attachment is a common in people. If you are anxious about your relationships and maintaining them, you may have this attachment style. Insecure attachment means that you are fearful that people will leave you. You may suffer from separation anxiety as an adult. An insecure attachment can cause conflict in friendships and romantic relationships. If you have an insecure attachment to your partner, you manifest this by having abandonment issues. You may seek reassurance from your partner, and ask if they will stay with you. You can put stress on a relationship if you have an insecure attachment. There are many ways it can happen in relationships.

Please don’t leave me

People with insecure attachments often suffer from abandonment issues. The reason they feel insecure is that they have been abandoned before. Whether the abandonment came from a family member, former lover, or friends, these issues stay with a person and can make them feel insecure in a romantic relationship. It may manifest in many ways. You may fear your partner leaving, or ask them if they love you over and over again. Asking for constant reassurance is a common form of insecure attachment, and it can be stressful for both you and your partner. That’s why it’s important to understand the source of your anxieties, and learn why you’re seeking reassurance. Your partner can’t be the one to make you feel at ease all the time. They can support you, but it’s up to you to learn coping skills for anxiety.

Jealousy and insecure attachment

In relationships with insecure attachment, jealousy can be a problem. You may be worried that your partner isn’t faithful. You’re preoccupied with the fact that your partner is texting somebody else, talking to you another romantic interest online, or feeling that they are going to leave you for somebody else. One reason for feeling jealous stems from the fear of being left. Abandonment issues can cause a rift in relationships, and jealousy can push the other person away. There are instances where the suspicion is founded. Perhaps your partner has an issue with infidelity, and that’s why you don’t trust them. There are other instances where you have been burned in the past. Because of this, you feel insecure that your partner will be unfaithful to you or hurt you. Remember that just because you previously experienced betrayal doesn’t mean your current partner will do the same thing. It’s important to talk about these issues out if you feel insecure. Because of your relationship matters, and if you can work through these trust issues, you can foster a healthy relationship.

How therapy can help insecure attachment

If you find that you have insecure attachment issues that are hurting you and your relationship, one thing that can help is couples therapy. An experienced relationship counselor or marriage and family therapist can help you figure out the origin of the insecure attachment and how it’s impacting your relationship. Whether you see a couples counselor online or in your local area, insecure attachment needs to be addressed. If you continue to feel these abandonment issues, they will affect your friendships and your romantic relationship. That’s why talking about your feelings in therapy helps. Maybe you’re interested in seeing an individual counselor and discussing attachment. Whether you see a couple’s counselor, an individual therapist talking out these problems can help you foster healthy relationships.

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