Developing Men

A contemporary examination of male friendship, masculinity, isolation, community, and legacy.

Editors Note: Kevin Gilligan reached out to us to share his work. We’d like to share it with you.


Just found your site this am. Terrific stuff.

I’d like to share a powerful 18th month multi-faceted project on men that I exhibited recently called “Developing Men”.

Developing Men is a “Contemporary examination of male friendship, masculinity, isolation, community and legacy.”
It included 30 portraits of men, written word, and a documentary exploring the above issues from the perspective of a wide variety of men ages late 30’s to 80’s.

Developing Men was exhibited at the Resn Art Gallery in Hermosa Beach in October of 2019. It was also featured in UCLA’s alumni magazine and distributed nationwide digitally.

I hope you enjoy it. If you’d like to feature it for others to see, that’d be great.

It was an incredible learning experience to hear from these 15 men.

The doc is a little rough. I’ve been a part time pro photographer for over 10 years, this was my first foray into a doc.

There is some GREAT wisdom in the words conveyed!

Thank you.

Kevin Gilligan

View a slide show of the project here.


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