Dating as a Single Mom

First off, to all single moms, being one myself, it’s a lot. A lot to take out the trash, do your own taxes, keep the young ones alive AND take care of you. YET one of the best things you can do for yourself to be a great mom is first: HEAL your past wounds from divorce or a loss, and second: KNOW that when you don’t make time for being a WOMAN… your parenting suffers… as does your self-esteem.

Thus reentering the dating scene can be a great way to give yourself touch, kindness, support and joy in company of a great man who values you. To attract him, you’ll want to take time to have clarity about what you require and desire in a partnership… and also take time to cultivate your sensual side, becoming a sexy invitation to a quality man to claim you, support you, adore you and be fueled by your praise and appreciation of him.

Don’t hold back on your online profiles really painting the picture of the life you choose, stating how happy it makes you when your partner does xxx. Never hide that fact that you’re a mom. Be proud you’re a package deal and use it as a pre-qualifier for men who wouldn’t ever consider step dad roles. Remember, as a busy mom, there is no time to waste on someone who’s mediocre, someone who doesn’t call back or keep his word. Use your precious limited free time to date as a single mom, as potent self-confidence to know you are a prize and be quick to say thank you but no thank you if they don’t honor or respect you.

DO be willing for him to not look like what you thought, sometimes what we were attracted to in our old relationships (that didn’t work) could use some updating. I used to be attracted to the Master of the Universe men, who impressed me with his accomplishments yet didn’t have time for me. Remember that being a single mom with clarity about what she wants and can invite it with a tempting, feminine energy radiant with self-worth… men in my practice say it makes them weak in the knees. These single men dating often complain about flaky women. So choose how often you desire dates, what your ideal situation would look like, be willing to ask for it and express it with total delicious joy of how happy it would make you.

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