Dad’s Video on the School Supplies Teachers Really Need Goes Viral, and We’re Taking Notes

One dad’s school supply list for teachers is making rounds on the internet because it nails all the things teachers really need in their classrooms to make it through the upcoming school year.

If you were planning to pick up a few items for your child’s teacher during back-to-school shopping so teachers won’t need to dig into their own pockets, you’ll want to pay attention.

In a video posted to the Bored Teachers Facebook page last week, the dad, alongside his adorable little girl, explains how this year, parents need to “do better” for teachers. He lovingly refers to teachers as “saints of patience,” “underpaid, overworked rockstars of the classroom,” and “selfless superheroes of society.” As a result, he created (and proceeded to shop) a list of thoughtfully-curated items that will help teachers get in some much needed self-care during the school year.

On the list, the dad included things such as foot support, since teachers are on their feet all day, aspirin, for headaches, and Clorox wipes, because kids are not known for being the cleanest.

And best (and perhaps most important of all?), wine made the cut. “Teachers, they got fragile hearts because they are tested every day. Red wine has been proven by scientists to improve your heart. So, treat yo’ teacha!” he said. And if they don’t like wine and only like beer? He suggested buying both, because “if you get both, then whichever one they don’t like, you get to keep for yourself,” he hilariously rationalized.

The dad also advised parents to skip Starbucks gift cards and buy teachers bigger containers of coffee instead. Why? They’ll yield more cups of coffee, and teachers desperately need all the caffeine they can get. Plus, “once they use this,” he explains “they can hide their candy in it. Two for one.”

Last but not least, he recommended getting teachers something on wheels to help distribute papers more comfortably. “Teacher with a good back is happy teacher. Happy teacher means happy students. Happy students means happy daddy.”

Since being uploaded, the video has gotten about 8.3 million views. Many in the comments section praised the dad for his thoughtfulness, including teachers themselves. “I would love all of those things and this comes from the heart of a teacher … some real stress relievers there … for sure,” one user wrote. Another added, “Love this!! Because it’s so true. It’s nice to see a parent who gets it.”

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