Dad on Drop-Off Duty Sends Daughter to Daycare Wearing Diaper Cover as Hat

A Minnesota dad tasked with dropping his daughter off at daycare made a hilarious misstep while getting her dressed.

To protect 2-year-old Elsa from the cold, David Braun placed what he thought was a hat onto her head. As it turns out, it was a diaper cover. Oops!

The father wouldn’t have realized the mistake had it not been for his wife Ashley. When she went to daycare to pick their daughter up, she found a diaper cover—and no hat—in the cubby.

That’s when Ashley figured out there was a mix-up—and decided to go along with it and be in on the joke.

“Minnesota is freezing, so I put it on her because it was cold, assuming he thought it was a hat,” Ashley told TODAY Parents. She also took a pic of her daughter wearing the diaper cover as a hat to give to the girls at daycare, and they too got a kick out of it.

As soon as their daughter was in the car, however, Ashley informed her husband of the accidental swap, texting him, “Honey, this isn’t a hat. It’s a diaper cover from when she was an infant. Notice the leg holes,” to which he replied, “Oh, I thought those were for like pigtails.”

Hey, the dude may be on to something!

Ashley also posted a screenshot of the text exchange with her husband to her Facebook, and it currently has over 65,000 shares.

“Elsa didn’t even notice it,” Ashley told TODAY Parents. “She said thought it was hat as well…” And on the bright side, at least the dad knew to put something on his daughter’s head to keep her warm!

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