Cool Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Dad Who is Living in India

Staying away from loved ones is a hard feeling. During special occasions, the absence of family members, close friends, and relatives is more painful. Because back home there is always a warmth of love even when the weather is cold, a sense of comfort even when life is not going as planned, and a peaceful vibe amidst the noise.

There are many Indians who stay away from home due to marital or professional reasons. It is really not possible to come back to India and celebrate all festivals and special events. Thank God, we live in a better world of technology and communications. So, it is now possible to reach out to your family members who are in India with a single click.

No one in this world can take the place of your dad – right? Because he had always been with you with words of wisdom when you failed. He accepted you with your flaws and believes in your caliber more than you. You must be feeling bad in case you are not going back to India during this upcoming holiday season of Christmas. But using an online gift store, you can send Christmas Gifts to India and make your dad feel special.

Here are some suggestions when you want to surprise your dad with unique Christmas gifts as Christmas is around the corner.

1. Plants & Gardening Tools:

In case your dad loves gardening and after retirement, if he spends more time maintaining his garden, then, you can opt for this beautiful option. There are many types of plants like air purifying plants, good luck plants, herbal medicinal plants, flowering plants, outdoor plants, cacti, succulents, bonsai, etc. Along with gardening tools like shovel, pruning shears, gardening gloves, spade, etc., this will make an interesting combo. Your dad would simply love these amazing and thoughtful gifts.

2. Ticket to Exotic Location:

Your father has worked hard all his life to provide you with all the good things in life. He has relaxed less and that’s why you must now inspire him to roam around and chill. Send him a ticket to an exotic location so that he can rejuvenate his nerves and cells. You may consider places like Croatia, Hawaii, Andaman & Nicobar Island, Japan, Switzerland, etc. and give a thrilling experience to your dad. In case your dad loves adventure, he would have an amazing time on these trips.

3. Stamp-inspired Gifts:

Is your dad a philatelist? Does he love to collect postage stamps from various countries? If yes, then, ask him to get a snapshot of all the stamps that he has collected toll now. Now, your work would be to transfer these amazing collections into gifts. How? You can contact gift shops who prepare personalized gifts and get a t-shirt with the print of these stamps. You can get a personalized mug or cushion too. Your dad would love a premium stock book where he can store these stamps in a secured manner.

4. Books & Related Gifts:

If your dad is a scholar type, then, he must be needing the company of books the most. You can opt for some first edition books or buy a Kindle for him. It would be endearing if you make Christmas themed bookmarks for him using Popsicle sticks. You can also opt for creative and stylish bookends for him. A wallpaper inspired by the favorite book of your dad would be another out-of-the-box Christmas gift idea for your dad.

5. Herbal Tea Kit:

To calm down your workaholic dad, an herbal tea kit would be a nice gift idea. Herbal tea comes with wonderful health benefits. They help in reducing inflammation, reduces the age spots, lowers cholesterol or blood pressure, and are great stress-relieving agents. There are various flavors in which these herbal teas are available like chamomile, ginger, peppermint, lemon balm, rosehip, Echinacea, etc. Along with some healthy cookies arrange a nice gift basket of these tasty ad refreshing herbal teas and surprise your dad. He will be happy seeing your caring attitude.

6. Dry Fruits or Fresh Seasonal Fruits:

For your health-freak dad, it is easy to select a Christmas gift. A premium box of dry fruits or a wicker basket of fresh seasonal fruits would be a simple yet caring gift idea for your dad. Both fresh fruits and dry fruits enhance antioxidants in the body that helps in staying fit. You can also get some dark chocolates along with these nutritious gifts because they also promote good health. A personalized flask, a new pair of running shoes, or a pedometer would be other great gift ideas to impress your healthy dad.

7. Personalized Decanters & Glasses:

Is your dad the life of parties? In that case, you can treat him with a personalized decanter and a set of personalized drinking glasses. Christmas means there will be a gathering at your place and as usual, your dad would be the center of attraction. While pouring a drink from a personalized decanter, he will proudly say his friends that you gifted him this unique thing!

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