Clean Meals: Top 3 Clean Eating Recipes You Have to Try

More than 35% of U.S. adults are obese—and another 34% over overweight.

For the youth of America, the numbers are far too high, too. Obese children account for 17% of the child population—three times more than only a generation ago. And when you bring ‘overweight’ into the equation, the number rises to an affected 32%.

That’s one of many reasons to care about preparing clean meals.

Too often, we pull into the nearest drive-thru and don’t think twice about the sugar in soda or calories in the double cheeseburger. But we need to shake off the fog of indifference and start eating clean again.

We’ve got some easy, healthy recipes right here. Check them out.

1. For Snacktime: Kale Chips

These are so yummy you won’t even know they’re kale.

Preheat your oven to about 350 degrees. While that’s warming, prep your kale.

Pull the stems off and break the leaves into chip-size pieces in a big bowl. Once that’s done, rinse your kale with water while massaging it. This helps its texture.

Drain the bowl. Pour olive oil on top, coating the leaves. Put as much salt and pepper (or other spices, like red pepper flakes) as you desire. Mix them with tongs.

Line a sheet with aluminum foil and bake kale chips to your desired crispness.

2. For Breakfast or Lunch: Sweet Potato Pancakes

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, this is an excellent option for you.

Roast a medium sweet potato and allow it to cool. Peel it and place it in a medium-sized bowl, where you’ll mash it. Whisk in two eggs and desired spices, such as cinnamon or allspice.

Cook 1/4 cup of batter in a sautee pan over medium heat. Rely more on look than bubbles, as you would regular pancakes. About 5 minutes each side should be appropriate, but keep an eye out.

Top with yogurt—or for a savory option, top with avocado slices.

3. For Dinner: Salmon with Quinoa

This is one of the healthiest dinners you can make at home! As a bonus, it tastes great cold, too—so you can meal prep it and have the leftovers tomorrow. (Check out our friends at La Comida MTL for more meal prepping ideas.)

If you bake salmon in an aluminum ‘packet,’ it holds in the juices and keeps it tender. It also makes cleaning up a breeze.

Let salmon fillet come to room temperature. Heat oven to about 450 degrees. While that’s warming, start prepping your salmon.

Put your desired oil—EVOO, avocado oil—over the salmon fillet in a thin but even layer. Add a small square of butter if you want that extra flavor.

Then add spices—garlic salt, chili powder, turmeric, whatever you prefer. Chopped garlic and sliced lemons also taste great in this dish.

Let salmon cook to your preferred temperature—but not too long, as it could dry out. Fifteen minutes or less should be ideal.

Serve with (gluten-free!) quinoa and a side of greens. The entire meal should take 30 minutes or less to prepare and cook!

Clean Meals Are Always in Style

Let’s think about that statistic from the beginning again. Just one generation ago, children were affected three times less by obesity than ours today.

Don’t we want to change that?

One great way to do so is by eating clean meals. And for those with a busy lifestyle, meal prepping during your off-time is a great way to ensure you’re reaching for something healthy when you’re busy—not pulling into the nearest McDonald’s.

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