Car Accidents: When it Comes to Fault and Liability, Do You Need a Lawyer?

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Fender bender? Investigating the costs involved with an auto accident? Either way, there are things you need to know—and things that may end up costing more than you expected. When should you hire car accident lawyers, and when can you handle things on your own? These are all important questions worth considering.

No-Fault? Your Fault? Or Mine?

Did you know that there are states that have no-fault insurance laws? How does that affect you if you’re involved in an accident? And what about other states? When it comes to fault and liability, there are a lot of details that you can easily overlook if you haven’t gone over the policy with a fine-tooth comb.

When you’re involved in an accident, the last thing you want to worry about is if you’re covered. You don’t want to get caught in a financial lurch because of unknown factors you’re unaware of.

That’s where car accident lawyers come into the fold. They know the law. They live and breathe the fine details that most people never take the time to read. They know the ins and outs of the policy that you’re hoping will have your back. After all, you paid for car insurance. You’re covered, right? Sometimes. Not always.

According to Chicago car accident lawyers at Gainsberg Law P.C. the failure to carry car insurance in Illinois carries up to a $1,000 fine. Your license can be suspended for up to three months and you must pay a $100 fine and provide proof of insurance in order to get your license reinstated.

Having a well-trained lawyer by your side when it comes to legal matters like a serious car accident is crucial. Especially when there are other people involved, there’s potential for injuries, and more.

When it comes to no-fault states, in the case of minor accidents, basically each auto insurance company handles their customer’s claims. Remember, this is for minor issues only and personal injury protection matters.

When it comes to larger situations, such as serious injury, a driver can sue the responsible party. That’s where good car accident lawyers come in.

The twelve states that currently have no-fault policies are: Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and Utah.

Previously, four other states were no-fault states, but have since changed their laws.

Puerto Rico is also a no-fault territory.

So, what exactly do fault and liability carriers cover in an accident? And, how can a lawyer help?

Fault and Liability for Car Accidents

Liability insurance is the part of your insurance policy that helps pay the costs associated with the other drivers involved in the crash. So, let’s say there’s damage to their property or the other driver is injured, that’s where your liability insurance kicks in.

But, that’s if you’re at fault. If you’re not at fault, and the other driver is, their liability insurance (let’s hope they have it) covers your damage and injuries. This is where it gets sticky. What if they don’t have liability insurance, or the payment isn’t enough to cover your damage or injuries?

Car accident lawyers should be at the top of your list in situations like these. They’ll help you fight to recover costs associated with the accident, whether they’re property damage or bodily injuries. Life isn’t always fair, and sometimes people go without insurance. It’s not right, since it’s the law to be covered, and in that circumstance, you’ll need a good lawyer by your side to fight for you.

Here’s an interesting twist you may not be aware of. Liability insurance takes care of the other party’s issues, their damage, their injuries if you’re at fault. It doesn’t handle your issues. What if you have damage or injuries and you’re at fault? In this case, you’ll need to work with your collision and comprehensive insurance. Knowing each specific type of insurance that your policy covers is crucial.

When you get lost in the details, or don’t understand what’s covered and what isn’t, one of the smartest things to do if you’ve been involved in a crash is speak to a lawyer. They can help you each step of the way. Let them handle the headaches involved. Car accident lawyers know the letter of the law and can help you figure out how to resolve your auto accident matters.

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