Calm Your Mind with an Adult Coloring Book

Adult coloring is all the rage these days, and for good reason. Slowing down, keeping your phone off in idle moments, and picking up a set of colored pencils can be surprisingly meditative and therapeutic. The act of creative expression, and even making simple decisions such as which colors to blend, relieves stress and provide a satisfying sense of accomplishment. The three coloring books recommended here all provide a range of images to spark your creativity. You’ll find yourself be pulling out pencils and markers whenever you need a quiet moment.

Mandalas are said to represent wholeness, and drawing mandalas can encourage stability and a re-organizing of your inner life. This mandala coloring book is a great way to harness their mythical powers for yourself. Made with heavy-duty cardstock front and back covers, this quality coloring book doesn’t need to stay tethered to your desk or table – you can color on your lap wherever you find yourself. What makes this coloring book unique is that the spiral binding is at the top of the book, so the pages not only lay flat, but left-handed artists won’t have to contend with the binding of the book while they color. The pages are made of high quality ultra white paper, and can even handle watercolors without bleeding through. The book contains 50 hand drawn designs on perforated pages for easy display of your completed mandalas. If colored pencils are your thing, one possible drawback to this book is that the pages are slightly glossy, and you have to apply some pressure to get vibrant colors out of your pencils.

Featuring the whimsical art of Lily Ashbury, these garden themed coloring images include a wide range of complexity, perfect for both a beginning artist and a longtime hobbyist.The 64 pages are perforated for easy removal and, at 8×10”, are ready to be framed and displayed. Although the spiral binding does allow the book to lay flat, left-handed artists may find the binding to be an annoyance. The images range from abstract to more traditional flower and animals, and one nice feature is that the back cover includes some lovely suggested color palettes, just the thing to get your creative juices flowing.

This bestselling coloring book includes a wide variety of animal images for your coloring pleasure. There are more than 50 animal designs that vary in complexity and mosaic style to suit a wide range of coloring styles. The soft cover book lacks the spiral binding of the other two books reviewed here, but is an affordable entry level coloring book for those interested in exploring the stress relieving effects of coloring without paying a premium price. Reviewers mention that, while the paper feels thin, it can still accommodate markers without bleeding through onto other images in the book.

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