Bus Driver Dancing with Toddler to Taylor Swift is the Best Thing on the Internet

Videos of kiddos dancing go viral for obvious reasons. Who doesn’t want to watch those little arms wiggle to our favorite jams?

One clip of a toddler boogying to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” with a friendly Orlando bus driver is making the rounds—and for good reason. It’s so sweet it’s hard to stop watching.

According to the caption, the tot went up to the bus driver before getting off and told him it was her favorite song. Little Emerson shimmies and bounces as the bus driver slaps and grooves to the pop hit. The two share such a precious moment that now Emerson’s mom is trying to find the bus driver via social media.

The mom, Brette-Ashley Schmitt, originally posted the video to Facebook two years ago and re-posted it to her Instagram when it started going viral all of a sudden in late February.

“I’m sure he has a crazy schedule to keep, but he stopped everything and blasted the music as loud as he could,” she wrote on her Instagram. “Thank you Mr. Bus Driver for making our little girl’s day!”

It’s clear this moment meant a lot for not only mama and Emerson, but for the driver too. Heck, even for those watching; the now-viral video has 10 million views and nearly 200K shares.

Videos like this remind us there is still good in the world. We need to see more light-hearted content in our feed—and we sure hope Emerson and her new buddy find each other.

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