Brilliant hacks to make your tiny fridge feel twice as big

All of us have had that moment when we opened a refrigerator, and the fact that it was well-organized made the food inside it all the more tempting. However, besides the aesthetic aspect, a properly organized refrigerator also saves up on time and money. For instance, the next time you go grocery shopping or cooking you will know exactly what you have beforehand not to mention while putting a meal together all things required will be quickly within the reach. There are many factors to be considered when organizing your refrigerator like the stock one might have, the frequency of usage of certain items or to be aware that cross-contamination is a reality and could affect you or your health.

So here is a list of methods that you could employ and make the best of the available space in your refrigerator. Just so you may know the list has been made keeping in sight of the fact that there are different types of refrigerators, for example, there is a limitation to the amount of modification that could be made to a refrigerator on rent

  • Categorization

One must always categorize and group food items based on their item. This helps with accessibility and also ensures that the respective items stay intact. To get a more organized and clean look you can also use containers to place the items of a particular group within, one can also add labels to the containers

  • Kids in the house?

If there are children in your house make sure to place their go-to snacks on an eye level so that they can easily access favorite edibles without either hurting themselves or without messing up other items in the fridge.

  • Meat goes to the lower shelves

Placing meat on the lowest shelves not only makes cleaning easier but more importantly, it prohibits any chances of cross-contamination. If the meat is placed on the higher there would be a drip from it falling on the other items placed on lower shelves thereby making them inedible.

  • Don’t block the circulation

Cramming up food items may seem sometimes to be an option, however, that blocks the air circulation within the refrigerator and this, in turn, affects the efficacy of the refrigerator thereby leading to food items rotting up sooner than imagined.

Many times while cleaning the refrigerator we come across food items that were placed inside some time back but one forgot to use it or remove it. This could contaminate the other food times and you may find yourself dealing with the foul smell. Hence it is always imperative that you ensure the principle of first to go in should be consumed first. Therefore, for instance, you bought a carton of milk, then the newly bought carton should be placed behind the carton that was bought earlier.

So there you have it follow these tips and tricks and soon enough you’ll realize the efficiency gained from these refrigerator organization hacks.

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