Boy’s Kind Words to His Doctor Mom Before He Said Goodbye to Her at Work Will Melt Your Heart

Being a working mom is demanding in and of itself, but when it’s your job to keep others healthy, besides your own kiddo, it can be even more stressful. Just ask mom of two Natalie Crawford, M.D., a board-certified OBGYN/REI working as a reproductive endocrinologist at a fertility clinic in Austin.

In an Instagram post, she gave us all a glimpse of her reality as a doctor mom.

As she explains, being so busy with work has caused her to miss moments with her family, but it’s also taught her to value the time she does have with them. “You steal all the sweet cuddles and given moment you can. You know life is precious. You laugh at the silly. You ignore when you are tired and your baby needs you,” she wrote.

Being a doctor mom has also made her better able to distinguish when either work or family needs to take priority, writing, “You know sometimes being a doctor comes first. You know sometimes being a mom comes first. You’ve missed things. Lots of things.”

Nevertheless, she’s realized it’s OK because she has the loving support of her family. “Your babies are proud of you. Your husband helps out with all the things. You know experiences mean more than things. You know that babies don’t keep. You love watching them grow,” she wrote. And on top of that, despite wanting to do it all, and not being able to, “You make it work.”

Natalie’s post didn’t end there though. As proof of how supportive her family is of her career, she finished her post by sharing a tidbit about what happened to her earlier in the day. Her husband and their son, Rhett, stopped by her job to drop off her computer, because she had accidentally forgotten it at home. What her son said to her before leaving is too sweet: “Mommy, go be a good doctor and help people so you can come home and play with me.”

It’s a much-needed reminder that even though we might feel like we’re “leaving” our kids to work, kids don’t see moms having a career as a negative. When you model the value of work to your children, while continuously showing them you love them, it only makes sense that your youngster would be proud to have you as their amazing, badass mom!

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