Being in Alignment

People tend to reject following their feelings however, what you focus on, you will receive. When you put your mind to focus on anything deliberately, you send out a ripple effect to the universe.  Let’s say you want a new car for example. Focus on what specs that the car has, how excited you’ll be to drive it and all the things that you can do! Align with the feeling of the object that you desire and stay there! Talk about all the things that you appreciate in your life even as is right now. Don’t focus on what you lack. Focus more on the here and now. When you look at what you lack, it brings you into a lowered state which increases the time that your manifesting will take for you. Follow the feeling or impulse and just go with it. This is being in alignment. When you are attuned to yourself, rather your inner being, you surrender to being guided by the cosmos. Focus on what you want and be prepared to receive it. So many of us have blocks to receiving. We may not feel worthy, insecure, and so on. Shift your focus, you are worthy, just because you exist on this planet. That’s it, not a gimmick. It is facts.

You can raise your vibration by shifting to doing things that bring you into a higher awareness such as meditation, yoga, walking, listening to music, creating art, and sex. The pursuit of joy will bring you into an enlightened state where you can tune in and tap into the frequency that you need to be in order to receive what you desire. What brings you joy? What really lights you up on the inside? You are co-creating your reality. When you set your intention, you pave the way for your world to change. Taking time to think about what you desire is vital to this process. Feed your focus, starve your distractions. Whatever mood that you are in, is the type of manifesting you will have. Momentum is the speed in which manifesting happens because you put your focus on it. Be aware of the way that you feel.  Do a body scan, via breathing, quiet your mind, to see where there is tension.

Where do you free? Where is your bliss? What does it mean to be abundant to you? Take yourself on a journey of discovery process by asking yourself these questions to unlock your blocks to receiving what you desire! Empower yourself to daydream, let your thoughts free flow, imagine. When you do this, you play with the creative space, you can create what you desire. Connect with joy, connect with yourself. Dance with other people. Avoid individuals and things that make you feel like crap during this process. Be with those people who want to lift you higher. Be an encourager. There is enough for everyone contrary to the lack mentality that society would have you to think. Begin with the realization that you can do anything and watch the unfolding of bliss in your life!


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