Author Expertly Shuts Down Commenter Who Doesn’t Get Why Women Get Pregnant as They ‘Hit Professional Stride’

A few days ago, poet, author and artist Cleo Wade shared some exciting news with her over 500,000 Instagram followers, which include working-mom celebs like Jessica Alba, Ellen Pompeo and Drew Barrymore. She and her partner Simon David Kinberg were expecting a bundle of joy.

In the comments section, many congratulated the soon-to-be mom, such as actresses Kate Hudson and Gabrielle Union.

The announcement came just a few days after the author had shared some other sweet news: she’d be doing a tour around the country promoting her latest book, Where to Begin, which makes things all the more amazing.

Unfortunately, one user who just couldn’t wrap their head around why she’d be happy to be expecting at this time in her career decided to leave an insensitive comment on her Instagram. “I see all these young women really hitting their stride professionally and then getting pregnant right at a high point. I don’t get that. I never will.”

Well, Cleo saw the post, responded, screengrabbed it and dedicated an entirely new post highlighting her epic clapback. It is a complete pleasure to read. Seriously, the person should’ve seen this coming.

“Hi! Thanks for your comment! The good news is (and I say this with love & respect): It’s none of your business! <3” she wrote. “But while we are in the subject of what we don’t get, here’s some things I don’t get it! I don’t get why women don’t get equal pay for equal work. I don’t get why women are almost always responsible for being the main caregivers in households across America but our country has yet to, at the federal level, legally standardize fair workplace policies like paid leave for new parents and caregivers of sick family members. I don’t get why all women don’t have access to quality affordable healthcare so they can safely have their children without it putting them into bankruptcy. And last but not least, I don’t get why women’s reproductive rights are constantly under attack—I am actually completely unclear as to why anyone believes the government should have any say in when or IF a woman should choose to start a family. Just a few things I don’t get, and never will. Also—I am not a high point, I am not having a moment—I am having a life—one that includes a career and family in ways that I choose and design.”

:Mic drop:

In a caption to her post, she wrote, “A woman wanting to exercise her freedom to start a family when or if she chooses to is not the problem, the multitude of ways society oppressed her along the way is the problem. Also trust and believe, a man’s professional drive or ability to thrive at work is never questioned based on the reproductive choices he is making in his personal life.”

So much truth. Leave it to Cleo to put it so eloquently.

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