Arsenio Hall Brings a ton of Laughs in ‘Smart and Classy’

He talks about a variety of topics in this comedy special and had me laughing pretty often

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Prepare to laugh a good amount watching ‘Smart and Classy’

I can’t say I am a huge Arsenio Hall fan. His talk show was a bit before my time. Although I thought he was pretty funny in Coming to America. When I heard Smart and Classy was coming to Netflix I hoped I would get to check it out. I was able to get a screener for this stand up special and this is my thoughts on it.

You can read the plot for Smart and Classy here:

Actor, talk show host, producer, and comedy legend Arsenio Hall makes his Netflix comedy special debut. Over the course of his illustrious career entertaining audiences around the world, Arsenio reflects on stand-up in today’s political climate, Coming to America, winning “Celebrity Apprentice,” his favorite drug, and more!

I laughed more than I thought I would watching Smart and Classy. He delivered so many jokes perfectly where I couldn’t help but find them funny. His delivery was real, authentic and relatable in many ways. In his time working in comedy things have changed a lot. If you are a fan of Arsenio Hall then this is a comedy special you will want to watch.

Arsenio Hall: Smart and Classy premieres tomorrow on Netflix. You can follow Arsenio Hall on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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