Are You Actually Living a Meaningful Life? – Chance Taureau

t’s time to explore whether life feels meaningful to you.

It’s also a time to look at how well equipped you are to navigate the darker times in life.

Living a meaningful life means we have to face, not run from or avoid, struggle and pain.

The older I get, the more I find truth in the Buddha’s statement: Life is Suffering.

It’s not that we don’t have fun, fall in love, or experience pleasure, but pain, stress, and dissatisfaction are part of life.

We get sick, people die, relationships end and we face many other struggles.

And life can be mundane, as we accomplish all the daily tasks needed to survive.

It has also become clear to me though, through various teachings, that we can experience pain without suffering; that each interaction is an opportunity to deepen our connection with self and others; and that living a meaningful life happens in the little moments as much as the big ones.

On today’s Man Alive Podcast I was joined by Chance Taureau, consultant, leader and trainer for The Mankind Project International. He is one of the most deep and honest human beings I’ve met. This conversation is perfect for an end of year reflection.

In this powerful episode we discussed:

• How to suffer well and gain gems to make life more meaningful
• The deep and honest layers of living life to the fullest
• Victor Frankl’s wisdom (from surviving the Holocaust) about your power to truly make choices
• Gaining clarity on what your life is really about
• How to shift from reactions to responses that are in alignment with your future legacy


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Photo courtesy Shana James.

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