Another Summer Song

Through the fiery whispers of a golden southern summer
A cool breeze slipped through an opened windowpane
Chilling my last heart

A noisy, shifting wind
Cool as a starless night
Cold as stone
Cold as a winter’s dawn filled with snow’s first breath

We should know by now to keep our pane’s secure
The world is wild and full of sudden puffs
Cold and starless as stone
Cool and carefree as a brook
Falls and swirls this pesky wind
Embracing all leaves and lovers
With memories of southern skies

How should I greet this new breeze?
With a kiss? A wink? A smile?
A tear?

Or should I close my pane’s to the summer winds
And draw the blinds?
Troubled and shifting as a new moon in a starless sky
Cold as stone

Have others felt this breeze whisper in the wild night?
The voices of angels?
Then I greet them with a wink and a smile
Silent as a teardrop
Cold as the moon

Only love can open and close these melted panes
Rusted, and faded, from wind, and sun
Covered with the dust of the forgotten
Gray with old remembrances

Race on, gentle brook, race on
And wash these pieces clean
These frozen pieces
Of my last heart

Blow, last breath of winter, blow
Blow your pesky winds into the golden southern sky
And for a moment
Hold the pieces of a golden heart
As you tell your summer goodbye


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