Anna Faris’s Stuck-Inside Family Activities Can Save Any Rainy Weekend Day

Anna Faris‘s ideas for indoor activities with the kids sound so fun, we’re totally borrowing them the next time a rainy weekend derails our plans.

In an email interview with, the actress shared some things she does with her son Jack, 7, whom she shares with ex-husband Chris Pratt, to keep him entertained at home. “We do funny voices together or a living-room Olympics competition, complete with leaps over couch cushions on the floor, and under one-minute Play-Doh building,” she said.

Anna, who stars in the show Mom, told us she believes imaginative play is a parenting skill she’s mastered. “I think my creative background inspires me to bring aspects from my day-to-day into how we play together,” she said.

Now that school is back in session, we asked her to share how she’s handling the stress that comes along with it—especially since she began shooting the seventh season of her show at around the same time. To get her son ready for school, she incorporates fun activities during the summer, like “art projects and building a mud castle.”

She also admits that as a busy working mom, housework sometimes goes by the wayside. “My schedule is always pretty hectic, so if I’m being honest, my house isn’t always in order and you don’t even want to see my trailer,” she told

Nevertheless, she said being a part of Mom is the “best job” she could ever imagine, and that juggling career and family sends a positive message to her son. “I feel I’m setting a good example about how I can value my work while still finding the balance to be a parent,” she said.

The actress spoke with us to support Clorox’s Partnership with, an organization that gives back to teachers and communities in need. The partnership is particularly meaningful to the actress, since there are several people in her family who are educators. “I know from them how important Clorox Disinfecting Wipes are to a healthy classroom, and Clorox is donating $150,000 to see that teachers across America have access to clean spaces,” she said.

With cold and flu season right around the corner, doing what’s needed to ensure kids are learning in clean spaces is something every parent can get onboard with.

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