Amy Schumer Returns to Work This Week, and Moms Showered Her with Support

Three months after giving birth to her first child, son Gene, comedian Amy Schumer seems to be making an “official” return to work. (Though she did make some surprise appearances here and there after her baby was born). And like every new working mom, she has some mixed feelings about this new chapter.

In an Instagram post, Amy shared a sweet photo of herself cuddled up on the couch with her little one, who she shares with husband Chris Fischer. “Back to work this week. Feeling like 😳💔😢😀.”

The range of emojis says it all.

There’s the shock and disbelief that the time has arrived and maternity leave is coming to an end. Wasn’t the baby just born yesterday?

Of course there’s the feeling of being heartbroken and sad that you’ll be away from your baby. It’s hard to imagine your days won’t be filled with cuddles and staring in awe.

Yet also feeling happy that you’ll be returning to another part of your life that you really love and gives you a different sense of purpose.

Working moms have been there and can truly relate to the jumble of feelings and anxiety. In the comments section of Amy’s post, they shared words of support and encouragement.

User mjfalvo felt Amy’s picture alone summed up what so many new moms experience before returning to work. “This picture is so sweet and describes a million feelings for us moms ❤️.”

Many told her everything will be OK. “It’s the hardest! Even if you love your job, there is nothing that can match the joy and fulfillment of caring for your child. Give yourself time. You will feel like yourself again soon. ❤️,” wrote user erika.s.dc.

“My babies are adults now, but I still remember the emotional return to work. It was tough. You’ll get through it, mama. 💕,” added user wensgriff.

Several also told the comedian to enlist the help of family and friends to survive the transition. Wrote user ju_bee, “Super tough! But we can do it! It’s been a month for me now. Support system is the key!🌸.”

As so many of the commenters reminded her, going back to work after maternity leave is challenging, but moms are fighters with unlimited strength. You got this, Amy!

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