Adam Levine Says He Left The Voice to Be a Stay-at-Home Dad

For about eight years, Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine regularly graced our TV screens as a judge on the singing competition The Voice. So it was a shock to find out back in May from the rockstar himself—via Instagram post—that he wouldn’t be back on the show.

During a recent appearance on The Ellen Show, Adam Levine explained exactly why he left, and what he’s been up to since then.

As it turns out, Adam decided to focus his energies on another important role in his life—that of being a father to his two daughters Dusty Rose, 3 and Gio Grace, 1, who he shares with wife and model Behati Prinsloo.

When host Ellen DeGeneres asked how he felt about not being on the NBC singing competition anymore, he admitted he missed it, including the people he met and worked with. But one thing he didn’t miss was how much he was away from home. “I was constantly working for so many years, I’m very lucky, very fortunate, very blessed and all that,” he said. “But you know, just to be able to kind of stop at this moment to spend with my new young family and just have the greatest time ever. Now I’m just like a stay-at-home dad and I just stay at home and do very little,” he said.

During the interview the two also chatted about their real-life friendship and how Adam played a part in getting Ellen with her wife, Portia, and that Ellen even bought Adam’s former house. As Ellen noted, Adam is a very hands-on dad. He’s always doing something with his kids, including his weekly tradition of taking them out to breakfast on Sundays.

“I’m obsessed with [my kids]. That’s why I don’t do much. Because I love hanging out [with them]. I genuinely just, like, adore them in a way I never knew I could adore any little person.”

But that doesn’t mean he’s completely taken a break from work though. He’s been working on his music too—which his eldest doesn’t always appreciate.

The singer recalled one time when he was playing guitar while Dusty was in the room playing, and she’d look up at him every once in a while. He thought she was “loving” hearing him play, but he was mistaken. “Finally, she just looked at me, and she like, touched the guitar, was like right here, and she was just like, ‘Put that down,'” he told Ellen.

“It’s the most humbling thing that’s ever happened… I don’t know if I have the courage to confront her and play music in front of her again.”

It’s good to know that in this way, celebrities really are just like us and their kids are their biggest critics too!

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