Abbott’s Grow Right Initiative Is A Step In The Right Direction And Here’s Why

Abbotts Grow Right Initiative Is A Step In The Right Direction

It is said that a great childhood is the foundation of a happy and well-adjusted adult. Ask any mom, and she will tell you that this has been her concern from day one of her motherhood.

Almost every mother has these doubts and queries about whether or not her child is growing up in the right manner. “Is his diet sufficient?” Or “Is she social enough?” — these are the questions that they have to contend with daily. These questions might seem harmless, but they aren’t.

However, what makes things difficult for most parents is that there is no genuine answer to these queries. With an abundance of resources and information, it has become very difficult for parents to find the right answers to them.

This gap was identified by the healthcare giant, Abbott, which came up with the #Grow Right initiative to help make this journey of parenting easy for all parents and help their kids achieve their true potential by helping them grow up in the right manner.

Under this initiative, they teamed up with a leading parenting blog to discover the most pressing concerns and doubts of parents regarding the growth of their toddlers. And then based on that, collaborated with a team of pediatric, nutrition and behavioral experts to form a set of all-inclusive guidelines for the right growth called the Growth Charter.

The launch of this charter which took place on 30th July, in Mumbai, was attended by MomJunction blogger, Samidha Mathur. The event served as a platform, where Abbott’s team of experts, which comprised renowned pediatrician Dr. Samir Dalwai, noted nutritionist, Dr. Dharini Krishnan, and child specialist Dr. Mukesh Sanklecha, got together to discuss various aspects of a child’s growth and the ways to measure it correctly. It was also attended by actress Lara Dutta.

Discussing the concerns about the right growth of toddlers, the panel described the right growth as a combination of cognitive, psychological, and physical growth that should be monitored carefully to promote holistic growth. Identifying the fact that for parents, this journey is also, anxiety-ridden, Lara Dutta shared this piece of advice with the mothers present at the event, “Stop being guilty about parenting, and don’t make your child’s progress as your report card.”

Each panelist touched about the aspects such as the right nurture, right nutrition, right play, and right impact, offering nuggets of wisdom to help parents map the growth of their toddlers. Right from discussing the structuring of mealtimes to promote right nutrition, to reducing screen time to promote more physical activity- every aspect of a toddler’s growth was discussed in detail. By identifying these four areas and mapping them with helpful guidelines, the panelists succeeded in creating a handbook – Grow Right Charter for parents that would help them ensure the right growth of their toddler.

For those parents who have a tough time ascertaining the right way of bringing up their toddler and monitoring their growth, this charter can prove to be an all-in-one solution. That too, without any judgment!

Needless to say, this initiative is one which has been long in making. Thanks to Abbott, every mom can now ensure that her child grows up the right way!

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