A Girl and her dog go on a Wild Journey in ‘The Trouble With Time Travel’

When they break something important she decides to create a time machine to set things right

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Prepare for a crazy adventure in ‘The Trouble With Time Travel’

Time travel has always fascinated me. There have been plenty of good movies that focus on this subject. It is a subject that has made for some really great TV show episodes too. When I heard about The Trouble With Time Travel I couldn’t wait to read it. I was able to get a digital copy of this book and here is my thoughts on it.

You can read the plot for The Trouble With Time Travel here:

Max and her dog, Boomer, are in trouble. Big trouble. Max has accidentally smashed an heirloom vase: the only treasure her great-great-great-great-great-great-grandma managed to save when her houseboat sank 234 years ago. Max can come clean—or, she can build a time machine! If she travels to the past and smashes the vase then, there will be nothing for her to break in the future. Brilliant!

In the time machine—surprisingly easy to construct—Max and Boomer bump around to the past and the future, tangle the string of time, and crash into the ancestral houseboat, promptly sinking it. And in the past, the vase remains intact. Disheartened, Max and Boomer return to the moment just before their adventure began, to warn themselves NOT to build a time machine. In spite of the warning, Max tosses a Frisbee for Boomer, directly in the direction of the vase, and their wild adventure begins again, and again, and again…

This was a very fun book to read. The characters were relatable and likable. Max accidentally broke something, and came up with a radical solution to make things right. This led to a wacky adventure through time. As this tale came to a close she decided to try to stop herself from ever making this contraption in the first place. This is a book I can see kids having a lot of fun reading.

The Trouble With Time Travel comes out tomorrow. You can pre-order this book on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble.

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