9-Year-Old Kid Who Kept Getting In Trouble For Doodling In Class Gets A Job Decorating A Restaurant With His Drawings

Kids love to scribble on walls and doodle on their notebooks. Hell, even we have done it at some point, and don’t you dare lie and say no. But for some parents, this skill of their children can be pretty annoying considering how much effort it takes to scrub off the drawing from the walls or even having to repaint it again. Parents of young kids know the struggle all too real!

But doodling is a fun and creative activity for kids. And walls are a great outlet to make their imagination run wild. As parents, if we nurture our kid’s hidden talents and encourage their skills no matter how big or small it is, you are bound to see great things happen. And that’s exactly what happened with Joe Whale’s parents who supported him in his doodling even though he kept getting in trouble for it at school.

When Joe’s parents came to know about his artistic skills, he was enrolled in an after-school art class. Talk about being supportive! Joe was lucky enough to have someone take notice of his abilities and the little genius has now got an offer by a leading restaurant in Shrewsberry, England to decorate their dining room. The little guy has been trending on the internet and has his own social media pages that showcase his doodles.

Joe who is a normal school going kid often found himself in trouble because of his mindless doodling. And instead of discouraging him, Joe’s parents encouraged him to draw and even enrolled him in an art class. This further helped Joe to hone his skills which eventually helped him bag his first job and making his artwork famous.

In fact, it was one of Joe’s mentors who created an Instagram page and uploaded his doodles that made him an art prodigy. The restaurant saw Joe’s artwork and contacted his teacher who introduced them to Joe and his family. One thing led to another, and now Joe’s dad takes him to the restaurant every day after school where he spends a lot of time doodling on the walls.

Take a look at some of his artwork:

In an interview, Greg opened up about his son’s talents and how he is proud of his little gem. Greg stated that his son is really talented and is great at sports including football and cricket, but he is most passionate about drawing. He also revealed how Joe used to get frustrated that he couldn’t do much artwork at school and ended up drawing in the class table’s whiteboard which got him in trouble at most times. Greg also said how it annoys him sometimes that his son is better than him at most things. Greg revealed that his son has always loved drawing and was even added to the Gifted register at the young age of 4. He further said that it took his son around 12 hours to finish his artwork on the restaurant wall.

Talking to the same interview, Greg revealed that his son’s artwork is exact, balanced, and immaculate considering that he never had any training before. The dad also thinks that his son’s hobby is a great distraction for him since he won’t be glued to the screens. Greg also advised other parents to encourage their kid’s talents by researching local workshops within the community so they can follow their dreams and passion.

Clearly, Joe’s dad is extremely proud of his son’s achievements at such a young age. And we have to say with parents like that, Joe is definitely going to reach greater heights and create more incredible pieces of artwork.

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