9 Inventions That Will Make Any Mommy-To-Be Enjoy Pregnancy To The Fullest

Inventions That Will Make Any Mommy

Pregnancy is not all fun. There are times you feel on top of the world and then there are times you feel your worst. Your mind and body are going through a lot bringing a new life to this world. Though it’s incredibly powerful, it’s challenging as well. So, to make your time more pleasant and magical, we bring you 9 inventions that you will not be able to resist buying. With these gadgets, your pregnancy will be more marvelous and comfortable.

1) Contraction Tracker

Contraction Tracker

Get yourself a contraction tracker if you are worried about any weird pregnancy sensations or wondering if it’s a contraction or not. You won’t have to keep guessing as this device will do the job for you. It calculates the electrical activity in the uterus and will tell you if there are any contractions along with the time and count.

2) Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy Pillow1

You need your rest now more than ever. But with a baby bump, especially in the third trimester, sleep may not be as comfortable as before. This snug preggo pillow is for any expectant mom struggling to sleep. It’s designed in such a way that it supports the belly area while also addressing your hip and back pain.

3) Pool Floats For Pregnant Ladies

Pool Floats For Pregnant Ladies

Whoever invented this simple yet cute pool float is a genius. You can float away on this in your pool while resting your belly in the special hole of the float. You can have a relaxing experience even at home by placing it on the mattress or floor.

4) Anti-Radiation Belly Blanket

Anti-Radiation Belly Blanket

Are you worried about giving off radiation to your growing baby by constantly checking your phone and laptop? With the belly armor blanket, you can now check your mails and social media as much as you’d like without any worries. What’s more? They make for a warm and cozy blanket during winters.

5) Belly Headphones

Belly Headphones

If you have reached the stage of your pregnancy where the baby’s hearing is developed fully and are now able to form memories, grab one of these headphones. These headphones adhere to your bump that will play memory shaping sounds to the womb.

6) Baby Heartbeat Listener

Baby Heartbeat Listener

You no longer have to schedule a doctor’s appointment to listen to your baby’s heartbeat. This heartbeat listener is portable allowing you to enjoy it at the comfort of your own home. For days when you feel beat and moody, listening to your little one’s heartbeat can lift your spirits for sure.

7) Belly Extension Belt

Belly Extension Belt

Are you struggling to get into your pre-pregnancy jeans and pants? Then this belt is a savior. So instead of renewing your entire wardrobe and spending a ton of money, get yourself a belly extension belt. The best thing about the belt is that it stretches making the fit just right for you.

8) Compact Ultrasound

Compact Ultrasound

With this compact ultrasound machine, there’s no hassle of going to the doctor for an ultrasound. You can get a free ultrasound checkup at your home and share it with whoever you want, whether it’s friends, family or your partner.

9) Pillow Wedge For Expectant Moms

Giving your belly the right support is important during pregnancy. Pregnancy is accompanied by swelling in hands, legs, and feet for many expectant mothers. For all these reasons, it’s hard for sleep to come by during the third trimester, especially with all the kicking and moving around. With this pillow wedge, you can get sound sleep even when you are fully pregnant. It relieves tension and swelling in different body parts helping you get the rest you need.

Which pregnancy invention did you like the most? Would you like to add any more gadgets to this list? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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