9 Beautiful Ways To Be A Better Mom

Beautiful Ways To Be A Better Mom

“I wish Nora’s mom was my mom. You are always angry with me!” declared my 4-year-old son one day. But the next moment, he was hugging and apologizing to me. We all would have been in a similar situation each time we’ve tried to discipline our kids. It’s a bitter-sweet moment. I know what I’m doing is for their good, but am I doing it the right way? “Will my strict nature drive my child away from me?” Any mother can be bogged down by these questions. If you too have been thinking on these lines lately, then don’t. Being in the same boat, I made a few changes in my life which now gives me the satisfaction of being a better mom. So, here I’m sharing those 9 ‘beautiful’ ways to help you become a better mother:

1. Don’t Hold Back – Express Love

Express Love

Telling your child how much you love him/her will give them a sense of security. Love can never spoil children as long as you know the fine difference between love and indulgence. So, if your child says he/she loves you or hugs you, do not hesitate to reciprocate.

2. Teach Them To Accept ‘No’ – Gently

Teach Them To Accept

Children have a way of making their ‘cuteness quotient’ work in their favor or have their way with an irrational request. At such times, never give in. Rather refuse your child gently. Make them understand that your love cannot be taken for granted. Also, not everything that they demand will be given, especially if you deem it unsuitable for them.

3. Have A Sunny Disposition

Have A Sunny Disposition

It is very easy to get tired and frustrated with your daily routines. But if you are grumpy, it’ll affect your entire family. As difficult as it may sound, try to maintain a sunny disposition. Joy and happiness are infectious. Your child too will learn this art of smiling even during times of crisis in life.

4. Be The Peacemaker

Be The Peacemaker

It’s easy for tempers to flare when there’s a quarrel at home. At such times, only you have the power to remain calm and become the peacemaker. It doesn’t mean that you have to be meek. You can be assertive but without the hint of anger.

5. Be Patient

Be Patient

No matter how much we stress about the virtues of patience, the less it is. Patience is the key to achieving almost every good thing in the world. And when your children will see you as an embodiment of patience, they are bound to follow in your footsteps.

6. Show Kindness

Show Kindness

Use kind words even when you are trying to discipline your child. This way, you’ll not easily hurt their tender hearts. Your kindness will inspire your child to be kind to fellow humans as well.

7. Encourage Good Values

Encourage Good Values

Just like kindness, patience, etc., other values are also important for your child. Explain to your child why it’s bad to lie; encourage them to share; and be helpful to others whenever they can. If you are spiritual, you can also teach your child the importance of God.

8. Be Respectful

Be Respectful

We often use weird nicknames or call out to our kids in a disrespectful manner, especially when we are angry. This could easily damage all that you’ve done to give them a good upbringing. If you expect your children to respect you, you need to be respectful toward them first. Only then will they learn to do so.

9. Have Self-Control

Have Self-Control

It’s easy to lose control and lash out at your kid. But again, only you have the power to choose – do you wish to lose your temper or choose to remain calm and deal with it later? By staying quiet and letting the situation fizzle out by itself, you can raise your image in your child’s eye.

There are different ways of parenting and what works for one might not work for the other. But the intention remains the same – well-being and good upbringing of the child. And when you have that in your heart coupled with boundless love, you can never go wrong, can you?

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