8 Questions You Can’t Avoid When You’re Pregnant

Questions You Cant Avoid When Youre Pregnant

Being pregnant has its perks. People open doors for you, give up bus seats for you and even carry your groceries. You would have thought chivalry is dead until you became pregnant. But the minute people hear the news of your pregnancy, you are bombarded with unsolicited advice and endless questions. While we know most of these come from a good place, certain questions won’t go down well with a pregnant woman. Bursting with hormones and feeling an emotional mess, we are sure no pregnant lady wishes to be faced with insensitive and ridiculous questions. But the fact of the matter is you simply cannot escape from these offending questions. In this MomJunction article, we have listed 8 common questions people ask pregnant women.

1) Do You Know What You Are Having?

Do You Know What You Are Having

I am having occasional bouts of nausea and then there is heartburn. And on some days, it’s constipation. Or if you meant what I am having in my belly, I am assuming it’s either a dragon or a unicorn. Okay fine, I am having a baby. But if you were really hoping to know the gender, then sorry, I don’t know what I AM HAVING!

2) Can I Touch Your Baby Bump?

Although it might sound annoying, at least they had the courtesy to ask before rubbing their hands all over your belly. So, asking is definitely better than touching at their leisure. But that doesn’t mean you have to be polite and nod yes. It is your body and if you don’t want any stranger or even relative’s hand on your belly, feel free to decline.

3) Did It Happen By Accident?

Did It Happen By Accident

Since it’s personal territory, you are most likely to get this question from your friends, family or nosy relatives. These are the people who would want to know if you were careless about birth control or if you did such a thing intentionally so soon after getting married. It can be strange and awkward to reply, and whether it was planned or if your condom broke, you don’t have to indulge in the details no matter how close the person is.

4) Should You Be Eating/Drinking/Doing That?

Should You Be Eating

Once the news of your pregnancy gets out, the world would want to give their opinion on every single thing that you do. Whether it is eating your favorite soft-serve ice cream, sipping coffee, or going for a fun night out, there is always going to be someone who will raise an eyebrow on everything you do. But unless it’s your doctor or midwife, it’s best to turn a deaf ear.

5) Are You Planning To Breastfeed?

Are You Planning To Breastfeed

Since it is already a controversial topic, you might feel uncomfortable replying to this one. Why do strangers want to know the future plans of your breasts is beyond us. And if your answer is no, be prepared to be met with judgemental remarks and further probing.

6) Are You Worried About Getting An Episiotomy?

Ummm, not until now. But now that you brought it up, that’s all I am going to think about until my due date. So thanks to you for making me dread labor and childbirth than I already was. Some people can be totally insensitive or ignorant towards a pregnant woman, and all you can do is completely ignore them.

7) How Are You Feeling?

Just asking this question to a pregnant woman can turn her into an emotional wreck. With swollen feet, barely enough energy, and constant nausea, this question is a big no-no! But know that if you ever get asked this question, that person is probably concerned about your well-being and genuinely wants to know how you are doing. If you don’t want them to ask you this question again, just talk about your hemorrhoids and daily treatment with ointment. We bet that would be the last time you would hear from them.

8) Are You Ready?

Are You Ready

You are never ready and you are probably wondering if you are ever going to be ready. But confidence comes with time and practice, and we assure you that you will slip into the mommy role just fine. So, just hold on until then.

As long as you are pregnant, there will be people asking you stupid and ridiculous questions. If we have left out any questions on our list, feel free to add them in the comment section below.

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