7 Mindless Habits That Are Ruining Your Marriage

7 Mindless Habits That Are Ruining Your Marriage

Marriage is a union forever! Or that is what most of us believe in when entering a matrimonial alliance. No one gets married with the intention of breaking it off within a few years’ time. Yet, some marriages might fail due to several reasons. However, all is not lost if married couples look into certain habits that might actually end up ruining their marriage. Here’s a look at 7 such habits that might sound the death knell for your married life:

1. Not Complimenting Each Other Enough

Not Complimenting Each Other Enough

When a couple is newly married, they tend to compliment each other quite often. This happens because they are still discovering each other and try hard to impress. Upon finding a new side to their partner’s persona, it is quite natural to compliment them. However, after getting well-acquainted, most couples stop complimenting altogether. This takes off the feeling of getting rewarded for their efforts – be it for dressing up well or cooking a new dish. In turn, it can lead to demotivation and dissatisfaction in a marriage.

2. Ignoring Your Partner’s Presence

Ignoring Your Partner's Presence

We’ve all been guilty of doing this to our spouses where we mindlessly turn toward our phone right in the middle of a romantic dinner or a shopping spree! Called phubbing, this act of giving attention to your phone in the presence of your partner is not only annoying but can also be downright humiliating toward them. Try to live the moment with your spouse and put the phone down when you are with each other.

3. Not Listening Attentively

Not Listening Attentively

Healthy communication is very important for any relationship to thrive. However, if one or either of you simply believe in ‘hearing’ instead of ‘listening’ attentively, it’s a bad sign for your marriage. When you both are together, make sure you listen to what your spouse has to say instead of dismissing it as a rant. When you genuinely listen to your partner, it’ll help you understand them well.

4. Neglecting Couple Time

Neglecting Couple Time

In the beginning, most newly-married couples are gung-ho about going out on dinner or movie dates. But as the excitement of a new marriage fizzles out, they completely give up this important indulgence. It helps your marriage when you both take time to chill out in each other’s company in a more relaxed, non-family environment.

5. Allowing Stress To Take Over

Allowing Stress To Take Over

Of course, you might be stressed or agitated due to a bad day at work or at home. And yes, you have all the right to share it with your partner. But to frequently vent out your frustration on your spouse is completely unfair. Try to limit your outbursts at your partner when you are stressed. Find alternate ways to de-stress yourself. Have a calm and healthy conversation with your better half if you are stressed out.

6. Limiting Physical Indulgence

Limiting Physical Indulgence

Some couples limit their physical intimacy to coitus alone. At other times, they might not even indulge in some physical display of affection like hugging, cuddling, or kissing. These gestures are equally important in strengthening your bond. At times, even more than a few minutes of lovemaking.

7. Bad Mouthing Each Other In Front Of Family And Common Friends

Bad Mouthing Each Other In Front Of Family And Common Friends

Quarrels and arguments are common among married couples. But it is also true that couples forget all the heartburn caused the moment they patch up again. However, bad-mouthing your spouse in front of your family members or common friends will bring down your spouse’s image in their eyes. Eventually, you’ll patch up with your spouse and forget it. But your family and friends will not. They’ll continue to nurture disrespect toward your partner, which you might regret later.

We’re sure these mindless thoughts wouldn’t have occurred to you as something that could ruin your marriage in the first place. Do you relate to some of them? If yes, then we do hope that you change your approach toward your spouse. This will surely help iron out your differences and possibly salvage your marriage too.

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